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JBL :: C608GTI MKii :: $269.00


Item# 20533

6-1/2" 2-way 600W Component Speaker System

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

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  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Crossover Frequency 3.5kHz
  • Mounting Depth 2-11/16" Woofer, 1-1/8" Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 50 - 21000 Hz
  • Also mountable in 6-3/4" locations
    *Warranty: 1 Year warranty.
    1 Year warranty from implies that repairs must be returned to, not the manufacturer. More information can be found in our help section under returns & warranties.
    What's not covered : Misuse, abuse, defacement, physical damage of any kind, and improper installation / operation. Video and multimedia equipment with damaged or cracked screens.Subwoofers and speakers are not warranted against being blown, burned or abused.

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       Mike Mihai From illinois

    passive crossovers should be taken out to save money for those of us who have amps and will run active crossovers anyways. These speakers are great but they should have different method of hooking up the cables to them. When i was unscrewing the + side for the first time, the screw got jammed somehow with the little square washer under it and when i kept trying to unjam it by trying to unscrew it all the screwdriver slipped off the screwhead and directly under the basket and into the speaker was ugly, and speaker still plays miracously but when deep bass hits it rattles a bit unlike the other one that didnt have this incident, i just got these 2-3 weeks ago, and i just put them on today, i didnt buy the extra warranty offered by OCS, so i dunno what i can do at this point if they will take it back or not but im super pissed this happened. JBL used the stupidest method to get the cables hooked onto these speakers. and the screws provided are highly affected by the magnet on the back so they dont wanna stay still on their axis while screwing them on or off. The best speaker wire hookups are the extended ones on the JBL P560c. Had these type of wire hookups been on the c608gti mkii, then i would have been a happy camper since my incident wouldnt have caused the damage it did. well other than that, these are great speakers, they fit in a 5inch hole btw, i measured the min mount diameter on the back, their advertised as 6/5 but the back only has a 5 inch opening where it actually pushes the air thru to make the noise. but um...with the frame and rubber surround they get up to 6.5...however its just an advertisement scam from jbl if u ask me...and at 239 dollars...its overpriced but they sound well so if u got money, get them they produce a lot of bass(i have my doors dampened with butyl rubber material kind of like dynamat and their fully sealed, only a little air escapes by the window, one of these speakers will make ur door shake with A LOT of bass i thought i didnt turn my subwoofer all the way off when i first heard them cuz they put out so much bass in my doors its almost unreal, will be getting these overpriced speakers for my back doors too once i figure out what to do with my broken one.All in all, if u buy these remember a few things: 1:get the warranty 2:Their just 5inch speakers 3:Screw type wire installs right by the magnet is very very very very dangerous if ur screwdriver slips 3:their overpriced 4:passive crossovers are not needed if u have an amp which u will need anyways if u buy these speakers. All amps i've seen have built in active crossovers.

    have a good day

       veeman From Toronto
    one of the best deals going for a great component set at a very good price. These retail in Toronto for $700.00. Very high power handling(2" voice coils), great sound(play very low..I have them crossed at 50hz 24dB/oct), and really nice tweeter...very clear and crisp without the harshness of typical metal domes. NOTE:very large magnet and 2.75" deep...make sure you check fitment!