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Factory Integration

Car Audio Video Dash Kits» Car Audio Video Dash Kits
Many Vehicles use a factory-custom receiver opening which makes it impossible to install an after-market receiver without some modification. Dash Installation Kits are designed to adapt a factory-custom opening to a standard receiver size which makes it easy to switch your factory receiver to nearly any aftermarket receiver your heart desires.
Wiring Harnesses» Wiring Harnesses
Most vehicles are built with their own wiring harness specifically connecting their OEM hardware such as an In-Dash receiver. Replacing vehicle OEM receiver usually requires an additional wiring harness to properly install an aftermarket receiver.
Vehicle Specific iPod Interfaces» Vehicle Specific iPod Interfaces
Many factory-installed car radios lack even the most basic iPod connectivity it doesn't have to remain that way. Vehicle specific iPod interfaces allow you to play and charge your compatible iPod directly from your receiver without forcing you to completely change your factory radio or to use an FM transmitter which is typically full of static and unreliable.
OEM Bluetooth Integration Adapters» OEM Bluetooth Integration Adapters
Adding hands free Bluetooth calling to your factory receiver has never been easier, thanks to the plethora of Bluetooth devices on the market. These vehicle specific Bluetooth devices work by integrating seamlessly with your stock car radio to bring you the ease and convenience of hand's free calling and wireless audio streaming with very little hassle.
Steering Wheel Control Interfaces» Steering Wheel Control Interfaces

You can keep your your factory steering wheel control features when you upgrade to a compatible aftermarket receiver with one of many steering wheel control interfaces. Some steering wheel control interfaces are vehicle specific and may offer some advanced integration features, others are universal interfaces designed to be quick hassle free solutions.

OEM Feature Retention Interfaces» OEM Feature Retention Interfaces
Many of your vehicles convenience features are hard wired to stock car radio. If you decide to upgrade to an aftermarket receiver, you run the risk of losing a few. These features can be as simple as the door chime or advanced as OnStar and factory installed GPS navigation. OEM feature retention interfaces allow you to keep your standard features when upgrading the latest car electronics technology.
Media Expansion Adapters» Media Expansion Adapters
In the past, it was very difficult to add any sort of functionality to your stock car radio without going back to the car dealer to pay large sums of money for mediocre upgrades to functionality. Today, there are many options available for people who’d like to keep the look and feel of their stock radio while adding additional functionality. Media expansion adapters and harnesses act as a hub or interface and are typically required to add satellite radio, iPod integration, and auxiliary inputs to your stock radio.
OEM Amp Interfaces» OEM Amp Interfaces
OEM amplifier interfaces are specifically designed to connect to, or bypass factory installed amplification systems. Once set up, these interfaces allow you to install and after-market in-dash receivers and components that would normally be incompatible with a factory installed system
OEM Satellite Radio» OEM Satellite Radio
OEM satellite radio interfaces are generally connected to a media expansion adapter to add satellite radio functionality. In most cases, these interfaces allow you to control your new satellite radio features directly from your factory installed radio. Typically, you’ll still need the usual equipment and subscription services required for satellite radio service, so be sure not to forget to grab those as well.
OEM Backup Camera Interfaces» OEM Backup Camera Interfaces
Many of today’s vehicles have an auxiliary video screen for display and control purposes, or have a factory-installed receiver with a built-in video screen. OEM Backup Camera Interfaces allow you to connect a back-up camera to these factory installed viewing devices making reversing much less stressful, especially with large vehicles.
All Factory Integration» All Factory Integration
Adding new features to a factory installed receiver, or upgrading an aftermarket receiver isn't always as simple as we'd like it to be. The more advanced mobile electronics become the more difficult simple upgrades can be. However, you have nothing to worry about. We've got all the wires, harnesses, interfaces, and accessories to get the job done.