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OEM Amp Interfaces

OEM Amp Interfaces

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OEM Add-On Amplifier Interfaces - OnlineCarStereo.com

Use the prized aftermarket stereo components you desire with any factory amplification system by installing an amp interface that makes them compatible.

Vehicle Amplifier Interfaces

For some car owners, upgrading their receiver, radio, amplifier and other stereo parts can seem like more hassle than it’s worth. This is because many OEM amplification systems are very difficult to remove — and designed to be incompatible with most replacement parts. It isn’t surprising that manufacturers would want the factory stereo left as-is, but it’s a real pain in the ear every time the music is on.

In these situations, the best solution often is to add an amp interface. Some of these accessories connect to the OEM amplifier and make it compatible with your aftermarket stereo components. Other factory amplifier modules bypass the original system altogether so you can add new amplifiers and preamps. By using your stock stereo with an amp’s interface from OnlineCarStereo.com, audiophiles will be able to set up a new system without the aggravation of removing the old one.

Install Any Stereo Receiver

Our experts are available by phone or email Monday-Friday to track down the right amp interface for your car. Standard amplifier interface harness units plug into the factory stereo and let users replace the OEM radio or receiver while still having use of the onboard amplification. If your vehicle has a MOST multimedia system, a bus digital interface enables connections for digital amplifiers, bit processors and more. The controls remain in the OEM head unit while you get a huge sound quality boost.

Every vehicle has unique needs when it comes to stereo add-ons. The OnlineCarStereo.com Vehicle Fit Guide is the simplest way to locate an OEM amp interface that fits your car, truck or SUV. Enter the year, make, model and other information using the drop-down menus and we’ll show you all matching gear. From there, you’ll get free shipping and competitive pricing on the latest factory integration audio products. We’re an authorized dealer of Axxess, Audison and other leading brands that you can trust.