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Car Amplifiers

car amplifiers

Car Amplifiers

Car Amplifiers

Amplifiers for Car Stereo Systems – OnlineCarStereo.com

Draw even more from your new speakers by powering themwith vehicle audio amplifiers from leading brands that produce the loud, clear sound you need to hear.

Car Amplifiers

If you’re ready to get loud — and we mean get loud — step up your car’s audio system with a new or replacement vehicle amplifier. While many people focus on the speakers and receiver for their stereos, audio experts know the amplifier is just as important. This device is what takes the audio signal source and makes it loud enough for listeners to enjoy. The best car audio amplifiers produce a powerful, clear, distortion-free sound at your desired decibel levels. Many factory head units come with weak amplifiers that aren’t designed to really let all out — but OnlineCarStereo.com has the solution with aftermarket car stereo amplifiers at great prices to power up your system.

Amplify Your Listening Experience

We’ve stocked our shelves with hundreds of amplifiers from leading brands to fit every audio setup. Basic 2-channel car amplifiers will serve the needs of most drivers who only have a tweeter and woofer in their vehicles. Get a 3-channel amplifier if your system also has a midrange speaker. Amps with more channels, even six or more, are available if you’re a real audiophile with elements for the finest detailers.

Those adding a subwoofer to a factory system will likely need a mono subwoofer amplifier to do what the OEM amp can’t. Most vehicle amps are Class A or Class AB, but we also have a growing selection of Class D amplifiers that are more efficient and produce less heat. Heading off the main roads? Marine amplifiers can withstand the harsh conditions of boating or off-roading.

The Power & Clarity You Deserve

Any size system will be louder and sound better when it has the right vehicle power amplifier. They’re available in many wattages so your setup will be like Goldilocks — not too big and not too small. Buy with confidence thanks to unmatched service that includes free shipping, free lifetime technical support and a hassle-free shopping experience online or in-store.

Top Brands in Car Amplifiers