Maxxsonics USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality car, marine and home audio/stereo products. Maxxsonics USA offers a complete line of sound component systems though it's family of brands which include: MB Quart, Hifonics, Crunch, and Autotek. Crunch has been shaking up the mobile industry for 30 years strong and offers only the "best in class" in car audio Amplifiers and high-performance Subwoofers and Speakers. Crunch introduced audio designs that have set new standards in mobile amplification. Crunch received glowing industry accolades and won countless awards and competitions.

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Top Sellers From Crunch
  • Crunch PX-2025.1DCrunch PX-2025.1D2000 Watts Power X Mono Subwoofer Car Audio Amplifier.$189.99
  • Crunch PX-1025.1Crunch PX-1025.11000 Watts Power X Mono Subwoofer Car Audio Amplifier$119.99
  • Crunch PX-1025.4Crunch PX-1025.41000 Watts Power X Four Channel Car Audio Amplifier.$105.95
  • Crunch PX-1025.2Crunch PX-1025.21000 Watts Power X Two Channel Car Audio Amplifier.$79.99
  • Crunch PXA-1200.1Crunch PXA-1200.1PowerX Series 1200 Watts RMS Class A/B Mono Subwoofer Car Audio Amplifier$87.99
  • Crunch PXA-1200.2Crunch PXA-1200.2PowerX Series 1200 Watts RMS Class A/B 2-Channel Car Audio Amplifier$79.99
  • Crunch PXA-1200.4Crunch PXA-1200.4PowerX Series 1200 Watts RMS Class A/B 4-Channel Car Audio Amplifier$92.99
  • Crunch PZ-4020.1DCrunch PZ-4020.1D4000 Watts Max Power Powerzone Series 1 ohm Stable Monoblock Class-A/B Amplifier with Bass Remote Control$125.99
  • Crunch PZ-3020.1DCrunch PZ-3020.1DCrunch POWERZONE Series 3000 Watt Mono Amplifier 1 Ohm Stable Car Audio Amplifier$115.99
  • Crunch PZ-3520.2-PROCrunch PZ-3520.2-PROPOWERZONE 3500 Watts 2-Channel Car Audio Amplifier with QTD$122.99
  • Crunch PZ-820.2Crunch PZ-820.2800 Watts Max Power PowerZone Series 2 ohm Stable 2 Channel Class-A/B Car Amplifier$139.99
  • Crunch PZ-2020.2Crunch PZ-2020.22000 Watts Max Power Powerzone Series 2 ohm Stable 2 Channel Class-A/B Car Amplifier$102.99