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Vehicle Audio & Video Bundles

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Vehicle Audio & Video Bundles

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Vehicle Audio & Video Bundles

Making Things Easy with Audio & Video Bundles

Putting together a complete car audio, video or navigation system can be a difficult and time-consuming ordeal. Fortunately, OnlineCarStereo.com is here to help. We’ll make it easy for you with car audio and video package deals.

In our decades of experience in the car audio business, we’ve gained plenty of expertise in the field. We’ve used that knowledge to put together complete packages and money-saving bundles to start you on the right track. When you browse these pages, you’ll discover packages from some of the top manufacturers like Massive Audio, Boss Audio, SoundStorm and JVC as well as Power Acoustik, Pyramid and Directed. Our packages also combine great components from brands like Soundstream, MTX and Kenwood as well as Polk Audio, Crunch and Sony. If those famous names aren’t enough for you, how about adding Cerwin-Vega, Audiopipe and Cadence? ‘nough said.

Save Time and Money

You’ll discover all kinds of great combos here, such as subwoofer and amp packages, subwoofer and box packages, and car speaker packages. Besides saving you the time and hassle of assembling your own components, our car speaker system packages and subwoofer packages deals will save you money. They will cost you less than buying components separately.

Not sure exactly what you need? Simply call our sales department. Our audio and video experts will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Car Audio & Video System FAQs

Yes. An amplifier will prove sound quality by providing ample power to the speaker, producing a stronger and cleaner audio signal. Make sure to buy an amp that corresponds to the speaker’s power.

No. A subwoofer uses a different design than a speaker specifically to play low-frequency signals. As such, it cannot play high sound frequencies

While a standalone amplifier is not required to use the speakers, it will help improve sound and get the most out of the subwoofer. This is because subwoofers have higher power requirements than speakers, which the receiver amplifier is typically not strong enough for.

The amplifier should be equal to twice the power of the speakers and subwoofer using it. This allows them to handle the occasional signal surges that occur in music and movies

Both are equally important for car audio. The speakers convert the electrical signals into sound waves that the human ear can hear, while the amplifier drives sufficient audio signal levels to your speakers. This is true whether you’re talking about huge 15-inch subwoofers or tiny earbud headphones.

Top Brands in Vehicle Audio & Video Bundles