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Amplifier Installation Accessories

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amplifier installation

Amplifier Installation Accessories

Amplifier Installation Accessories

Car Amplifier Install Accessories

A car amp is the heart of your vehicle’s system, pumping out premium sounds for you and your passengers to enjoy. You could have the world’s best stereo components, but without a quality amp installed correctly, they won’t give you the great performance you expect.

Finding the gear you need to get your new amplifier up and running is a cinch here at OnlineCarStereo.com. We have power kits, fuses, modules and everything else to install amps and get the most out of them.

Vehicle Amplifier Installation Accessories

It’s hard to turn up the volume on the road when your amplifier isn’t connected properly. Unfortunately, knowing how to install a car amplifier is only part of the challenge. Many amplifiers don’t include all the accessories you need to install them. Why remains a mystery — you’d think the manufacturers would want you to actually use their gear and get the most out of it.

Fortunately, we are here to pick up the slack. We stock hundreds of car amplifier accessories for your next install. Take on this challenging task armed with the best accessories and our expert support so you’ll get the most out of your stereo system.

Complete the Job with the Right Supplies

It doesn’t matter how sparse your amplifier box was when it arrived — we’ll help you fill in the gaps. Complete installation kits for your car stereo have all types of cables along with wires, connectors, cable ties and more. Many also have a manual with instructions.

You also can buy the accessories and equipment you need separately here for a custom install. Our inventory includes wiring distribution blocks, amplifier power kits, fuses, fuse holders and other supplies.

What if you have multiple amplifiers and want to create one big amplifier with them? Do just that with multi-amp wiring kits and bridging modules to up the wattage big-time. Add even more functionality to your system with remote turn-on modules and amplifier bass remotes that let you go dial-free.

The Extras You Need

The experts at OnlineCarStereo.com have tracked down the accessories you need to make your car rock, roll, thump and boom with the sounds of your main playlist. We are an authorized internet retailer of major brands such as JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Massive Audio and Orion. Call our customer support team at 1-310-526-8635 for assistance with finding the correct accessories for your system. If you’re in Southern California, visit our brick-and-mortar locations where certified professionals will install the amplifier for you.

Car Amplifier Installation FAQs

Most kits sold will come with an RCA cable, remote wire, ground wire, fuse holders and more. Check out the kits here to make sure they have everything you need.

A line output converter (LOC) will convert a speaker-level output signal into an RCA pre-amp signal. This allows you to connect an aftermarket amp directly to the radio. A LOC also can be used to connect an aftermarket radio to the car’s factory amplifier. If your amp does not already have a line output converter built in, you will need one to make these connections.

Bridging is a way to configure a two-channel amplifier to power a single speaker or subwoofer while producing more power than the channels would separately. While it usually doesn’t increase the total available power, bridging allows you to get more volume and better sound quality from an individual speaker. Check out our bridge products to make this modification easier.

You will need the following cables and wires to install an amplifier in your vehicle: RCA cables, a ground wire, an inline fuse, a remote turn-on wire and speaker cords.

Most mono amps have a volume knob to control the bass level directly. However, if you want to conveniently control the bass without pulling over to change the levels, a bass remote is recommended. This connects to the amp and can be mounted next to you in the driver or passenger seat for easy on-the-go adjustment.

Top Brands in Amplifier Installation Accessories