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Subwoofer Enclosures

subwoofer enclosures

Subwoofer Enclosures

Subwoofer Enclosures & Boxes: Sealed, Ported, Bandpass & Powered

If you’re into deep, low and vibrating sound, a good subwoofer is a great way to start getting down with your bad self. But to achieve new all-time lows, you need to really get down deeper with a subwoofer box. Add some bass — or a lot of it — to your sound system with the best subwoofer enclosures. We have sealed, ported and bandpass options for all applications.

A subwoofer box is a crucial piece of your stereo puzzle that improves the quality of your audio and gives it a uniform sound. Whatever vehicle, music and subwoofers make up your dream system, OnlineCarStereo.com has a subwoofer enclosure for sale that is a perfect fit for your vehicle, your music and your budget.

Subwoofer Enclosure Boxes

You need more than just a good subwoofer to experience the low end in music and movies. Subwoofer housings contain the audio frequencies that emit from the back of the speaker. Without a subwoofer enclosure, the rear frequencies would cancel out the front frequencies, creating a muddled and dull sound.

Most audio contains low frequencies your stock car audio system can’t accurately reproduce. With the right subwoofer enclosure, your favorite songs will never sound the same — and that’s a good thing. The pre-made subwoofer enclosures and boxes available here are tightly constructed so they deliver all the low notes you’re after. Whether you are searching for subwoofer truck boxes, subwoofer car boxes or waterproof subwoofer boxes for going off-road, our selection includes hundreds of enclosures for cars, trucks and SUVs to optimize the performance of your specific subwoofer.

Enclosures for All Ears

Picking an aftermarket subwoofer enclosure goes beyond saying, “Hey, that looks cool — I want it!” Depending on the vehicle, subwoofer and amplifier you use, you can take your pick of several types of subwoofer enclosures. Sealed subwoofer boxes produce a tighter punch in a small footprint and are excellent for accurately reproducing basslines. The efficient ported subwoofer box, on the other hand, allows you to get the most decibels out of your subwoofer by extracting all of its potential. Bandpass enclosures wedge the woofer between a sealed and ported design to create a hybrid sound that has the qualities of sealed and ported boxes (albeit over a limited frequency range). We also have powered subwoofers that contain an amplifier inside the enclosure for a serious boom. Call our experts at 310-526-8635 for advice on which box is right for your setup.

Universal and Vehicle-Specific Boxes

These boxes come in all sizes and shapes to match your car. Get vehicle-specific subwoofer enclosures designed to fit everything from the cabin of a pickup truck to the trunk of a mid-size. If you have a subwoofer you know you’ll want to bring with you to a future vehicle, order a universal woofer enclosure. Want an all-in-one solution? OnlineCarStereo.com is the place to find pre-paired subwoofers with an enclosure.

Guaranteed to Perform

We carry enclosures with subs and without made by JL Audio, Pioneer, Kicker, Memphis Audio, Ground Shaker and other great brands at great prices. Each one comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and ships free directly to your door. Shop online 24/7 or visit our brick-and-mortar locations in Southern California for certified installation and expert help.

Car Subwoofer Enclosure FAQs

A subwoofer box helps create better bass. The housing contains the frequencies that emit from the back of the speaker. Without an enclosure, these rear frequencies would cancel out the front frequencies, resulting in a muddled sound.

Yes. Adding a subwoofer enclosure will change the impact the sub has by improving the sound. Different enclosure designs can also make the sound louder or more accurate to suit your music.

MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is the most popular material. This manufactured wood product is dense, thick and durable, allowing it to stand up to both heavy sound waves and road vibrations. Other effective materials include plywood and fiberglass.

Yes. Some people think bigger is always better since a larger box makes the subwoofer louder. However, the size also affects the sound, and too large a box can lead to jumbled, imprecise audio. We recommend sticking to the subwoofer manufacturer recommendations unless you’re an advanced sound tuner.

This depends on the subwoofer specs (size and output), the vehicle space and the type of sound you want (more slam vs. more precision). Click on the enclosure categories above to learn more about each option.

Top Brands in Subwoofer Enclosures