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HDMI Cables & Adapters

HDMI Cable Adapters - HDMI Cable Converter Kits

Connect your devices for home or in-vehicle entertainment with an HDMI cable converter, extension cables and other A/V cable kits from

Vehicle HDMI Wires

The HDMI A/V interface is one of the most common ways to play digital audio and video — that means your multimedia setup will almost certainly need at least one HDMI cable. stocks a variety of HDMI cables and adapters for connecting devices to TV screens, speakers and other playback devices. From basic cables to interface converters and extenders, we have what you need to immerse yourself in music, movies, TV shows and video games. These cables are made by leading electronics manufacturers such as JVC, Soundstream, Alpine and Metra Electronics to ensure the highest quality.

HDMI Cables to Stay Connected

You can use almost any device for entertainment when you have the right cables. Our smartphone HDMI cable adapter collection is very popular for those who want to experience the true potential of their portable devices. We offer HDMI-to-HDMI cables for iPhones, MHL-to-HDMI cable converters for Android phones, HDMI-to-USB cables that connect to in-dash receivers and other adapters.

If you need to place devices far apart due to obstacles, an HDMI extension cable will bridge the gap with minimal signal loss. We also have HDMI to composite cables that convert your digital signal back to analog for use with older monitors, DVD players and receivers. Even those whose smartphones don’t have HDMI ports can use them with compatible devices by adding HDMI-USB mirroring adapters.

Watch & Listen Wherever

Whether you need an HDMI kit for cars, are upgrading your DJ equipment or want to revamp a home theater, our team can help you find the right accessories. has free shipping on every order in the lower 48 states with a low price guarantee on most products. Plenty of other cables and accessories are in stock as well so you can link everything you need to with strong, secure connections.