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Car Stereos

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Car Stereos

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Car Stereos

Car Stereo In-Dash Receivers

On the road or on the water, the best mobile A/V experience will be at your fingertips when you’re using an in-dash audio receiver, navigation system or video player from OnlineCarStereo.com. Our inventory of more than 8,000 products means you can locate the best in-dash receivers when you browse these pages. Whether you’re looking for in-dash car stereos, in-dash DVD car stereos, in-dash video receivers, GPS or other electronics, we are an authorized dealer for all the major manufacturers. That means we can bring you great brands at great prices.

These vehicle and marine stereo head units have all the tools you need to enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks and movies from whatever media sources you have available. Whether you prefer DVDs, smartphones, portable media players, satellite radio or traditional FM radio, there’s an in-dash car stereo here that will play them through your speakers loud and clear.

In-Dash Car Stereos

With a premium in-dash receiver, you’ll enjoy complete command over your car audio and video. Modern car stereos require advanced controls to enjoy everything the mobile entertainment experience has to offer. We have one of the largest selections of dashboard car receivers you’ll see. We’re confident you will find one tailored to what you want to listen to and how you want to listen. Whether you seek superior music, video, navigation or all of the above, we have great brands at great prices you’ll love.

Play Anything Anywhere

No matter what your preferred media source is, we have an in-dash car deck to play it. Are most of your music and movies still on discs? Shop for car CD players, vehicle MP3 CD players and in-dash DVD players that are built for long drives even on bumpy roads. If you’ve ditched physical media for good, you’ll need a digital media car stereo or Bluetooth receiver. Depending on the model, these receivers can play audio from HD Radio, satellite radio, streaming services, USB drives, smartphones and tablets. Many receivers can play physical or digital media, so you’ll have plenty of options. And if you still want to tune into AM/FM radio for news, weather and sports, you can get an in-dash receiver that plays all the local stations.

If the scenery you pass through on those long rides gets a little dull, no worries. Add a visual element to your dashboard with an in-dash video receiver and display screen. These A/V car stereos show video from DVDs, TV feeds and laptops while doubling as touchscreen controllers. Already have a monitor or three to watch movies? Order no-screen DVD players to save space. In-dash GPS navigation systems will also provide directions to any location in the U.S. We sell universal and OEM-fit vehicle navigators that use the latest technology to get you to your destination. Are you the type who likes to ride on the wild side? You will discover plenty of weather-resistant stereo receivers here. These are a good choice for off-road vehicles or boats and other marine applications.

Great Products that Meet Your Budget

We’re an authorized dealer of all major vehicle A/V brands, including Boss Audio, Kenwood, JVC, Concept and Sony. With a low-price guarantee on most products and free shipping on all orders, you can afford to get the receiver you’ve dreamed of when you shop online here. Find a receiver that matches your car using our Vehicle Fit Guide or order an install kit to put your aftermarket receiver in a custom factory opening. We back every car stereo we sell with a 60-day guarantee so you can’t go wrong.

Car In-Dash Receiver FAQs

Most vehicles have either a double DIN or single DIN opening where the in-dash receiver is installed. Double DIN is a four-inch dash opening while single DIN is a two-inch opening. Both openings are seven inches wide. Custom-fit options are also available for certain vehicles. (DIN is short for “Deutsches Institut für Normung”, a German group that sets international car radio standards.)

In-dash receivers are components that insert into the dashboard and have a unified hardware interface for the vehicle’s audio and/or video controls. Depending on the system, an in-dash receiver might have AM/FM radio, satellite radio, Bluetooth wireless, a CD player, a DVD player, GPS navigation and other features.

Yes. An in-dash receiver improves the driving experience by making it easier and more enjoyable to control your onboard entertainment. Aftermarket receivers will also improve the sound quality by producing a clearer signal.

Some of the useful features to look at include screen size and resolution, smartphone integration and real-time traffic data. You’ll also want to make sure the receiver can play music from your primary media sources (CDs, Bluetooth media players, internet streaming, etc.)

Head unit is a catch-all term that refers to any in-dash stereo control unit. A stereo receiver — often shorten to just “stereo” or “receiver” — is a control unit that also has a built-in amplifier.

Top Brands in Car Stereos