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Car Audio & Video Dash Kits, Interfaces & Adapters

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Car Audio & Video Dash Kits, Interfaces & Adapters

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Car Audio & Video Dash Kits, Interfaces & Adapters

Vehicle Audio Factory Integration

Maybe the original stereo system in your car or truck is kaput. More likely, you want to upgrade it to get superior sounds. Either way, it can be tough to find and install the right components that will give a professional, factory appearance as well as superior performance.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade a car stereo that doesn’t cause a massive headache, we are here to help. Our factory integration car audio accessories give you the simplest way to enjoy a cutting-edge audio system. Using products such as our vehicle audio adapters, interfaces and controls will let you add advanced mobile electronics to an OEM setup. They also make it easier to switch to an aftermarket radio, A/V player or receiver without having to completely redo your existing wiring.

You can make your car audio better than ever by using the wiring harnesses, Bluetooth adapters, amp interfaces and other OEM integration upgrades you will discover here. We’ve got you covered with all the accessories you need from great brands at great prices with 24/7 online ordering.

Factory Integration Accessories for Car Stereo Systems

We carry anything you can think of to add new features to your car, truck or SUV. Our car audio-video dash kits reconfigure your vehicle’s dashboard for installing the latest car audio systems with no gaps. Add the right aftermarket radio wiring harness for your make, model and year and you’re good to go. The combination of a new frame and the right car stereo wiring harness connectors will make a universal receiver look and sound like it was made for your car. Even while you take your new setup and sound to a higher level, you can keep the oldies but goodies with our feature retention interfaces that keep what you like about your old system, whether that’s a door-opening chime or the factory navigation system.

In some cases, you don’t even need to remove the factory radio to do more. OEM amplifier interfaces, Bluetooth integration adapters, backup camera interfaces and media expansion adapters plug into the existing ports or connectors so you can use your modern devices with older vehicles. It’s the easiest way to add features such as wireless audio playback and satellite radio to cars that didn’t come equipped for these functions — and you can often switch them to other vehicles in seconds. We even have vehicle-specific iPod and iPhone interfaces so you’re never cutting any corners as with universal accessories. You’ll also find steering wheel control interfaces that let you switch stations, skip tracks or adjust the volume without taking your hands off the wheel.

Go Beyond Factory Stock

Whether you need a stereo wiring harness or a way to plug in your phone charger, we have a solution. We are the go-to source for great brands at great prices. Our selection includes leading audio manufacturers such as Axxess, Metra Electronics, Kenwood, Memphis Audio and Rockford Fosgate. In many cases, these companies designed the factory systems you now want to modify.

We back all factory integration accessories with a 60-day guarantee that you’ll love how they work. To find the perfect fit, use our Car Fit Guide or give us a call for assistance. Lack the time or skills to install something yourself? Once you’ve found the right upgrades for your ride, you can schedule certified professional installation at a brick-and-mortar store.

Factory Stereo Integration FAQs

Yes. All it takes to update a factory or aftermarket stereo are a few add-ons. These are typically larger products like speakers and amplifiers, but something as simple as new cables or control interfaces can all provide great improvements.

Yes. Upgrading the speakers can create a new listening experience while driving. Still, there are many other affordable products on the market that make a great difference. Amplifiers, Bluetooth adapters, cables and media expanders are some of the ways you can get more from new speakers or improve the sound from existing speakers.

If your car has a factory amplifier, it would be mounted under the floor under the front or rear passenger seat. Aftermarket amplifiers can be installed in many places, including under the seats, behind the seats or even in the trunk.

Yes. An amplifier will make music clearer, louder and more detailed. The optimal amplifier is one that has twice the wattage/power of the speakers.

Yes, most stereos do. However, they may be small, which limits their capabilities. Adding a standalone amplifier will often improve the sound, especially if you also want to power a subwoofer.

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