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Vehicle Wiring & Terminals

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vehicle wiring and terminals

Vehicle Wiring & Terminals

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Vehicle Wiring & Terminals

Car Stereo Wiring & Connectors

Got your wires crossed? No worries! Never get your vehicle wires crossed again when you shop OnlineCarStereo.com. Use our vehicle wiring and terminals to connect your car speakers for the best sound every trip.

Car Wiring & Terminals

You spend a lot of time researching the right speaker wattage, subwoofer size, amplifiers and multimedia players to make your vehicle sing. But there’s one thing you should never forget about: the wiring.

Premium speaker terminal connectors are crucial. Without good wire connections to your speaker wire terminals, all your sound system does is take up space and hurt your gas mileage.

Our inventory of premium car speaker wire connectors ensures you will get the most out of your system. We have vehicle wiring and terminal connections for getting your speakers up and running. Pick a car stereo wiring kit to give you everything you need to install, upgrade or repair your system. You can use these accessories for other parts of a car’s electrical system, too. With the right wiring, every media player, sensor and gauge will give you the good times you want or the important information you need — like where to find the best burger in a strange town you’re rolling through or whether there’s a speed trap around the next bend.

The Best Automotive Connectors

Complete your sound system with car stereo wiring supplies for OEM and aftermarket applications. Start with our huge selection of car audio power cables. Our ample inventory of power cables for car products includes waterproof cables, display extension cables, multifunction powersports cables and many others. These cables come in numerous lengths and wire gauges for different power demands and layouts. Use our wiring terminals and connectors to string your new cable together. From screw ring terminals to OEM wire harnesses, we have something designed for your vehicle. Make sure to get a car circuit breaker, too — these auto shut-offs will protect the electronics from surges and overloads to prevent lasting damage to your gear and your wallet.

Form a Perfect Circuit

Your vehicle will be alive with the sound of music, sports or movies when it has the best vehicle wiring accessories from OnlineCarStereo.com. We offer a low price guarantee on everything we sell and free shipping, too. You’ll see all the major audio supply brands here, such as Pyramid, JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate and StreetWires. We’re authorized to sell these top brands online and in-store. We’ve been a leader in car audio since 1999 because we go the extra mile, from our free online Vehicle Fit Guide to professional installation from certified technicians. Shop now for the right car stereo wires and terminals with a 60-day guarantee and fast, free shipping in the U.S.

Car Audio Wiring FAQs

All aftermarket car stereos can use the same wiring harness. Many factory car stereos, however, require specific wiring harnesses to connect. Consult our Vehicle Fit Guide for more.

The stereo needs a ground wire to function. If you don’t have a ground wire (or the wire is loose), then your stereo will have excessive signal noise (static, squealing, etc.) that interferes with the audio

Typically, the red speaker wire is positive and the black wire is negative. Two other common configurations are silver positive and copper negative or white/yellow positive and green negative. Also, if a wire has a stripe, this usually means it is the negative wire.

The most common connectors you will need are crimp connections, seamless connectors, seam-type connectors, non-insulated connectors and insulated connectors.

You should always consider the current rating, circuit density, wire size, voltage configuration and bonding force. The wires have changed over the years, so make sure you’re not using old connectors on new wiring and vice versa. Call our experts Monday-Friday if you need assistance.

Top Brands in Vehicle Wiring & Terminals