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Security Cameras

Security Cameras for Vehicles – OnlineCarStereo.com

You’ll always have something watching out for your prized vehicle when you install a car security camera that can also enhance the driving experience.

Vehicle Security Camera Packages

Whether you live in a rough area or are just passing through one, it can be worrisome leaving your vehicle unattended. (And you wouldn’t dream of leaving the dog inside on look-out.) But a car is never alone when it has a security dash cam from OnlineCarStereo.com. Installing a vehicle security camera with a display screen captures live surveillance footage for live viewing on your smart device or to review later. If someone attempts to carjack, break into or vandalize your vehicle, or does damage to it with their own car, you’ll have the proof you need for authorities and insurance investigators. They’ll get the culprit and you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Keep a Watchful Eye

We carry the best security cameras for cars that act as an eye in the sky. These adjustable cameras automatically turn on when you start your car or when they detect movement, capturing video that serves as important evidence. Our Bluetooth security cams pair easily to your smartphone or tablet so you can download videos. They also have USB and SD card readers for large files. By getting a night vision security camera, you’ll have the same protection after the sun goes down — which is often when you need it most. Security isn’t just for cars, either. A waterproof security camera is the perfect addition to a boat or ATV that you hold dear.

Cameras That Do it All

Better still, the security cameras we sell do more than just record single-shot video. They also act as back-up cameras so you’ll be safer while you’re driving do. The rearview monitoring system is automatically activated when you put the car in reverse. When you’re using the Bluetooth mode, you can even stream live music and answer phone calls using the dash cam. Add a marine-grade car security camera system to your vehicle and you’ll see (and hear) everything you’ve ever wanted to. If you’re struggling to use all the features, don’t worry — OnlineCarStereo.com has free lifetime tech support from our experts.