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Car Subwoofers

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car subwoofers

Car Subwoofers

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Car Subwoofers

Car Subwoofers & Accessories

When it’s time to get down, the throbbing bass of a subwoofer can help you and your friends get all the way down. By land or by sea, you can feel all the lows in your favorite music with a car or boat subwoofer that can recreate the sounds as they were intended. We have great brands at great prices.

Car Subwoofer Systems

If you want to have the beat behind the wheel, you need to have the bass. The best subwoofer for your car fills out the sound so you — and everyone else within earshot — can hear the satisfying boom of the low end. Powerful subwoofers will get you lots of street cred. Thanks to the enormous inventory of premium brands we carry, we have all the best car subwoofers and boat subwoofers. So put some bass in your trunk with a premium vehicle subwoofer from OnlineCarStereo.com. Whether you’re tuned to your favorite local radio station, putting on an iPhone road-trip playlist or firing up a movie for the kids in the backseat, we have the equipment you need.

Mobile Audio Subwoofer Kits & Components

Complete your car stereo system with a thump that lasts. We stock a huge selection of subwoofers for component speaker systems you can add to a new or existing enclosure. Build a complete sound system from scratch with the help of an enclosed car subwoofer that’s fine-tuned for better audio quality. Our powered subwoofers offer big sound in a compact package for small cars. If you want everything in one quick, easy and economical package, check out our boat and car subwoofers kits. Get a complete car bass package with speakers, drivers and an amplifier or buy separate woofer grilles, re-cone kits and other equipment for a custom system. We carry vehicle-specific and universal subwoofers from brands such as JL Audio, Alpine, Kenwood, Kicker and Boss Audio.

Marine Subwoofers

Want to listen to your favorite music when you leave dry land? You’re going to need some marine-grade subwoofers that won’t get drowned out by any gnarly waves or burned out by the blazing sun. No worries: we also offer an assortment of marine subwoofers. Built with materials specifically designed to resist saltwater and UV rays, these rugged woofers produce the low frequencies you and your crew crave. Take them where no man — or woman — has gone before. Use them on your boat or in a vehicle you plan to take off the beaten path.

Everything You Need to Feel That Bass

Since 1999, we have been the place to find the best car subwoofers and other audio/stereo equipment. You’ll receive free shipping, a 60-day money-back guarantee and lifetime tech support every time you shop at OnlineCarStereo.com. Use our free Vehicle Fitment Guide to see which subwoofers match your vehicle or give us a call Monday-Friday.

If you lack the time or expertise to install your subwoofers in your vehicle or boat, that’s not a problem. As an authorized dealer for many brands, we also offer expert installation at our brick-and-mortar locations in Southern California. Our certified installers will provide professional installation and service with a smile.

Car Subwoofer FAQs

Yes. Aftermarket subwoofers produce better quality bass than a factory subwoofer or full-range speaker system. You’ll especially get great sound when you combine a new subwoofer with quality speakers.

A subwoofer will not cause any structural or mechanical damage to your car as long as they are installed safely and properly.

While this depends in part on the size of the car, a great subwoofer is typically at least 300 watts. You should pair your subwoofer with a speaker that is similar in output.

Most car subwoofers use about 100 watts of power. The amount of available power can be increased by using an amplifier. However, if you want to stick with something smaller and compact due to space or budget limitations, it’s best to go with subwoofers that are around 50 watts.

The best size is something your car can provide adequate power to. This will ensure you are getting the most out of our subwoofer. Ten-inch subwoofers are a good place to start, but OnlineCarStereo.com has sizes ranging from 4 to 19 inches. Use the Vehicle Fit Guide to get started.

Top Brands in Car Subwoofers