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Car Audio Interconnects

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Car Audio Interconnects

Car Audio Interconnects

Car Audio & Video Interconnects

Your ride may boast the best brands of video equipment and audio systems. But without a solid connection between the components, you won’t get the great sounds or looks you’re entitled to.

OnlineCarStereo.com can help keep you connected so you can get the most out of your rides. Your system will transmit every sound and video signal the way it’s meant to be for on-the-go entertainment with our car audio adapters, RCA interconnects and other accessories. Best of all, these are available at rock-bottom prices and ship free in the continental U.S.

Vehicle A/V RCA Interconnects & Adapters

So you’ve bought the best speakers, amplifiers, woofers and other elements for your car stereo. Now you need the right cables to put them together. We stock dozens of interconnects for car audio and video systems to complete your installation. Proper connections of circuit elements are a must to ensure they produce the performance, functionality, reliability and efficiency they’re capable of. From RCA car audio cables to mini-jacks and couplers, our selection includes the right accessories for OEM and aftermarket systems. We are an authorized retailer of leading brands such as Memphis Audio, StreetWires, Axxess and JL Audio. Choose from universal and vehicle-specific options.

Connect Every Car Stereo Circuit

Form the perfect pathway to get that sweet, sweet music to your ears with our industry-leading connectors. Car audio interconnects are available for both the main system and for attaching devices. We have two-channel interconnect cables, four-channel interconnects, iPhone interface cables, male-to-female Y-connectors and many others. Check out our video interconnects as well for using GPS navigation, backup cameras or video calls (in the passenger seat, of course).

If the connectors on your stereo elements don’t match each other, take a look at our inventory of vehicle interconnect adapters. Accessories such as interconnect splitters, subwoofer input plugs, right-angle RCA barrels and Y-adapters can string generations of audio equipment together. Speaking of RCA, a set of RCA couplers is a must for extending connections or switching male-female ends. We also have stereo mini-jack cables to connect iPods and smartphones using their headphone port.

Reliable Connections Guaranteed

Since 1999, we have been leading the way for car audio accessories and service. Each order comes with free lifetime tech support and a 60-day guarantee — if you don’t love something, send it back for an exchange or store credit. Call our customer support team Monday-Friday or send us an email for help finding the right interconnects for your car stereo setup.

Car Audio & Video Interconnect FAQs

Upgrading speakers and subwoofers is of course a way to improve sound quality. But you should also be improving the audio signal the speakers receive. You can do this by upgrading your audio cables.

Not necessarily. A higher price does generally indicate better quality, but there are some lower-priced brands that still produce great cables. Call us Monday-Friday if you need expert recommendations.

No. Speakers, amplifiers and receivers use different types of connectors based on their electrical needs. Interconnect adapters are sometimes needed to link these components.

Yes. When it comes to audio connectors, you get what you pay for. The better the cables are, the higher the sound quality will be. A better cable will also last longer and have less interference.

Yes. Don’t overlook how your cables connect — this impacts the functionality of your sound system. After dishing out money on expensive speakers, amplifiers and head units, you want to get the most out of them, and high-quality A/V interconnects will help you do so.

Top Brands in Car Audio Interconnects