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LED Headlight Kits & Car Lights

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LED Headlight Kits & Car Lights

All Your Vehicle Lighting Needs

Whether you’re on the road or off-road, you need good car and truck lights if you’re going to be driving beyond daylight. When it comes to lighting, there’s no reason to stay in the dark. OnlineCarStereo.com offers a huge selection of vehicle lighting for your car, truck, ATV or boat.

Excellent Exterior Lights

We stock all kinds of vehicle exterior lighting. You can locate replacement headlights here to help you see where you’re going on the road or off. Our cube lights and accessories will help spotlight the way ahead off-road. If you’re looking for a light bar for car or truck use, we stock a variety of energy-efficient LED light bars as well as all the lightbar accessories you need to see and be seen better in gloomy conditions.

Illuminating Interiors

You’ll also discover all the best interior truck and car lights here. If your dome light is burned out, our replacement dome bulbs mean you won’t be fumbling about for snacks, keys or other small items in your vehicle cabin. Just for fun, check out our car LED light strips. They’re a bright idea for adding colorful accents inside or outside your truck or car.

Vehicle Lighting FAQs

Halogen bulbs are based on traditional lighting technology that has been around for decades. Xenon or high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights are newer bulbs that produce a brighter, longer-lasting light in a smaller space. LED headlights are the newest automotive light and are the most energy-efficient.

Yes. Vehicles that are fitted for halogen bulbs can easily be swapped for LED bulbs. A kit may be required for this — check out our LED car headlight kits here.

Yes. They last longer than other lights and are safer because the increased brightness will show more of the road. They also use less energy, leaving more volts available for audio systems and other electrical functions. LED lights are more durable, too.

The easiest way is upgrading to LEDs for the reasons outlined above. You can improve car dome lights, trunk lights and glove box lights by switching to LEDs. To customize the interior even further, upgrade with LED strips and buy a kit that comes with a remote.

LED light bars have the advantage of illuminating up to double your lateral distance. This spread increases the visibility of your horizons. However, LED headlights still shine farther ahead of your vehicle. Generally, driving lights are best for on-road applications and light bars are best for off-road outings.

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