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Dynamat 10455

Item #12655
Xtreme Bulk Pak - Contains Nine (9) 18" x 32" Sheets Of Dynamat Xtreme

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Product Reviews For Dynamat 10455

  • Dynamat Xtreme is the ultimate in rattle suppression... I'm not going to ramble about how great it is, because the bottom line, is it WORKS... so instead here are some installation tips: Prep the metal surface of your car with a degreaser such as Fantastic, and allow it to dry. Take each sheet or Dynamat and cut it into strips... I find that cutting the sheets into strips about the width of the "Dynamat" logo (printed on the aluminum itself) makes installation much easier. Dynamat extreme is REALLY sticky, and i found that a heat gun is not even needed. Simply press the Dynamat into all the crevices you can and try to cover the entire area. This is just basic tips, but feel free to email me at [email protected] for more help. Also, the Dynamat Rubber Roller (sold here also) makes installation a breeze.


  • This stuff works great in cutting out white noise. Use the Spray for the inner door panels and hard to reach areas. You wont hear as much road and wind noise and in turn, your music will rock!


  • This stuff works well. I have a 93 accord with two Kicker 15's. Before I dynamatted the trunk and backseat it rattled so bad I didn't like to turn my subs up... Now all I hear is solid bass with great SPL...


  • Plain and simple The best product out there. It improved everything. Cuts out road noise, Improves mids and highs.


  • I put this in my 2006 Chevy Equinox and it made my system sound great. It block the road noise great and stops any rattles in the doors.


  • If you have high-powered door speakers or subs, or you're the type who notices road and tire noise, gotta get some Dynamat. Turn your doors and trunk into a solid speakerbox. Put it everywhere. Onlinecarstereo shipped out the next day, got it real quick. Same as the retail package AFAIK. Don't store it for long in a hot place. It's asphalt-based, will get runny.

    Steve Johnson

  • Anyone who is serious about sound knows you need to use this on your vehicle...and use it in as many places as you can. Great product.


  • This is definetly the best dynamat ever.I used to have original dynamat in my old ride,that was great but nowhere close to this.This is the best product so far and definetly worth every penny.Its also very cheap than local shop and i recommend it to everyone battling noise problems wether its a system or road noises,this definetly get the job done. Great Product!


  • i bought some for my chevy cobalt and was very pleased with the results it stoped all the rattleing and the bass hit's waaaay HARDER!!!! with more clarity too i recomend this to anyone who wants superb sound.


  • the best thing to do if you have a system.nomore rattle. really for old big body cars 60's-80's yall neeed it cuz yall cars sound ike shit. i own a 77 cutlass supreme i know. i got $900 of dynamat in my trunk. just got to do my roof and I'm done with the rattle.

    melvin wright

  • this stuff works...my 6x9 and 4x6's sound so much better but for sum reason i dont think this helps out with road noise to much, i did my entire car but i still heas a good amount of road noise and my car still squeaks and stuff when i go over bumps.. but this really helps out on the bass and sq for my speakers

    John from PSJ

  • I got 50lbs of this stuff in the trunk of my 1991 Pontiac Sunbird and it sounds like the door of a brand new kenmore refrigerator shutting....like airtight and rattle free haha but most importantly NO RATTLES!


  • this product it amazing. it doesnt cover a hole trunk though almost does but not quite.

    DS Audio

  • i put this stuff in my cavy with 8 12' solobarics and it makes my brain rattle


  • peel n seel at lowes for 13$ this was a waste of money and my trunk still rattles my brain in my 89 pink taurus

    Justin Bockbrader

  • gets rid of all the rattles!So many boys want to get a ride from me now thank you dynamat

    Austin Lavoy

  • Even though I just used it for my trunk it deadened out all the rattle from the trunk and made the SQ much better. I can ride with windows up and hear just straight treble from my 6X8s and 6X9s and the boom from my 12s. Roll my windows down and I can hardly hear anyone honk their horns at me. I am ready to buy some more to finish the rest of my ride.


  • Love this stuff,HELPS out the mini van and my full size 72 stationwagon.Full size 70's car.Oh put this on outside and inside panels,2 18x32 sheet2 do 1 door on a Ford Areostar van.

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