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JL Audio 12W6V3-D4

Item #15651
W6v3 Series 12" 1200W Peak Power Handling 4 Ohm, Dual Voice Coil Component Car Subwoofer

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Product Reviews For JL Audio 12W6V3-D4

  • I had two of these subs in a JL Audio box, hooked up to the JL Audio 300 watt 2 channel amp and boy did they slam! If your looking for a cheap sub with BIG bass then this is the sub for you.


  • I just bought 2 of these subs and hooked them up to an alpine mrd-m605 mono amp, bridged at 4 ohms, and they rattle the car next to yours license plate. Great sub for mids and lows, but incredibly poor on highs, it sounds more like stock speakers on high notes. I also did a db level on them and they hit a phenominal 138! great way to go if you want a cheap well known company like JL.


  • i have one of these in my 2004 galant and it slaps pretty damn nice. you dont need a lot of juice to power it and the sound is clean. Its a brand everyone knows and the quality of the sub is great. you'll love it...and then you'll want more


  • very nice sub for the money you will not be disaponted jl audio is hands down the best


  • I had one of these in JL's custom ported powerwedge box i bought for $250 and a punch p2002 amp. i payed 500 for the setup and had better bass than most of my friends who spent close to a thousand. I have a 99' expedition w/ tha mach audio system still have the stock radio, replaced the back door speakers with JBL's. It's not 2 much bass so u cant hear ur music, but u can be heard and it shakes the car. good sub if your lookin 4 cheap, good bass.


  • One of the best purchases I have ever made! These things hit so hard! I have them hooked up to a 650 RMS Alpine amp and it is ridiculous! You will not be disappointed!

    M Jizzle

  • This is the fist pair of subs i have owed. I have two of them hooked up to a Audiobahn 1200 watt amp in a ported box and they can POUND! I've heard some of my friends and these blow them out of the water (except my friend who has a 13w7). I'm sure there is better subs out there, but not for this price. If you want your ears to ring and not pay much, get these!!


  • i have 2 of these in a 95 silverado with a 800watt 2 chanel amp powering them. in a custom boxes it hits realy hard for how small the sub is. if u want. louder at almost the same quality go with alpine. It is good for now. but if u just want a lil thump this is the one for u. solid stuff.


  • i just put some of these subs. they are two twelves, hooked up to a 500 watt JL audio amp in a 2001 chevy Tahoe and boy for the quality these subs thump the truck.


  • I bought one of these and burned up the voice coil with a Kenwood 800W amp, but Jl sent me a new one for free and i added a second speaker. Now they hit incredibly hard. If you are looking for value this is your speaker, but if you have the money go as big as the W7.


  • These are some can't believe it til ya hear it woofers 4sho , when I got 4 of 'em I thought I was get'n average woofers which is why I bought 4. When I finished my install , I couldn't believe my ears or my eyes , these things are loud as hell , and it look like they were gonna shake my car apart. I have a Crunch 1600.1(also sold here) drive'n then and it sounds so serious.


  • i have two of these in my chevy extended cab runnin of a 800 watt sony amp and boy do they kick to be twelves hit hards then alot of my friends with higher power subs..recomend them to anyone looking for good afforadble bass


  • I have gone through alpine, eclipse, infinity, and now jl and this is definately best in class. i have two 12s and they hit smoothe and and strong. i have an eclipse deck and eclipse 3-way speakers in the doors and it is the perfect blend and setup.


  • This Is one of The best 12's you can get. for under $200. The sound Quality is amazing and they can hit as low or lower than most other 12's


  • This is one of the best 12 inch subs for under $200. I have it set up in a ported box that is hooked up to a 500watt TMA Amp and a JVC head unit. This sub is definately the best bang for your buck and i highly recomend it.


  • I have two of these subs in a Obcon Godzilla ported box, being pushed by a Concept 275 mono amp. And for being 4-ohm entry level subs, they pound. I've had the DVC Punch HE2's and the DVC Diamond D3's and I can say that the JL subs aren't far behind on the quality and level of bass that they produce. They are definitly worth the money.


  • I have 2 of these in a deep box with a punch 200.2 and they hit 128db and sq is amazing for a entry level sub overall amazing keep up the good work jl


  • I have 3 of these in a 1984 full size Ford Bronco with a 500x1 JL amp and a JL 2500 amp pushing two Alpine 6x9's, two Alpine 6-1/2's, and two Kicker tweeters. It makes your heart beat with the music. I would recommend these subwoofers to anyone.


  • awesome sub. i have one of these in a jl box. The JL box makes it hit like w3. Great product for anyone lookin to up their rides sound.


  • these subs slam hard. got 2 of these in a jl box w/a kac-7202 amp and i got every dollar i paid for.

    chris brown

  • These W1's are "ok" for the price, But they will never come close to the 10W0's that I had back in 2002 are far as sound quality is concerned. If your going to cough up the money, you might as well go with at least the W3's. In my opinion, that new hard plastic that they made these with dont reproduce rich clarity and deep bass notes like the W0's.


  • You cant beat this sub for the buck. i have two with a kenwood D8103 1,000 watt, 600 rms, and they sound great. They dont hit quite as good in truck enclosurers. By far the best low to mid level 12" sub.

    B. Neal

  • I went from an mtx 10 jackhammer or should i say wackhammer. I also went from a kicker also.Believe me this is my first jl sub . They have made a believer out of me possibly the best sounding soubs. I have just 1 twelve in a 2002 reg cab ram.w1v2-4 series awesome deep bass in a sealed box too!Jl the way to go!


  • i had 2 of these in a mustang coupe powered by jl 500/1 amp and for an entry level sub they sounded amazing but not loud enough.. If you want perfection go with 2 13.5jlw6v2 louder and requires less power than w7's


  • This Sub is sick i have 1 in the back of a 2005 single cab chevy colorado powered by a rockford fosgate P-200 2 and it hits way harder then i expected. JL audio is the shit you cant go wrong with this sub

    J-Rock Nasty

  • JL is like BMW,lots of hype and a great name. Sometimes the product lives up, sometimes... I put this 12 incher in place of a Bazooka 10 inch, both drivebn by an Alpine 300 watt mono subwoofer amp. I expected greater punch, more kick. It does provide smooth controlled bass and it does not distort at high volumes like the Bazooka did, but is not very quick though this is based on one test drive with the convertible roof down in a 328iC. I am not using a ported enclsure which was the case with the Bazooka. It is rated at 150-300 watts but seems to need more power than that and I do not think I will chance blowing it.


  • Okay I have just 1 on a ported power wedge box of jl's And it's in the trunk of my 96 prelude and it sounds amazing and hit's way harder than 2 10's and all 12's made besides jl's bigger ones......

    Spencer Daniels

  • Great Product!! I have two of these in a custom box powered by a kicker 600.1 and it pounds. Great value on ocs, i'm so impressed with this sub, i'm rebuilding a box for 4 twelves, by the way I have a dynamat trunk kit also purchased from ocs. Great VALUE, thanks!!!


  • I have one of these in a 2cubic ft^3 box tuned to 30hz with a slot port. I was powering it with about 150rms maybe even 100rms since i have a small amp and it got very low and very loud!! I also tried it with a 400rms Hifonics but it seemed to push it. Got loud enough to where i wished i hadn't turned it up, my ears hurt! lol. was in a Vw jetta wagon. For the money, you can't beat the quality. Its not the loudest sub out there, but it's quality and i know will last pretty much forever. If your looking just for bass with low power comsumption, this sub is for you. Also dont think it's not loud, It is.


  • I upgraded from a 10W3 to a 12W1v4 in my 240sx. I noticed some sound improvement, but wasn't two overwhelmed by the bass. While installing the subwoofer, I inspected the overall structure of the speaker. This subwoofer was made with quality materials. JL AUDIO subs are durable, efficient, and produce clean bass in my experience with their products. 89.00 Dollars. Awesome price.

    ROB "MUSH"

  • i have 4 of these in a 5cuft box in my single cab dodge ram. I am running them off of a memphis 1000d amp.for the money this is a great speaker.they have high quality sound and hit very smooth.


  • i got two of these running of a 1000w amp. they sound great. they hit so hard and smooth. amazing price for the amazing sound.


  • i have 4 of these in my blazer with an 1800 watt amp and a 600 watt amp the sound awsome

    andrew miller

  • i just got these yesterday! got 2 of them. my buddy has one in his little single cab s-10 and it bumps hard! i cant wait to hear what 2 of them in a ported box in my civic will sound like! deffinately get these! or if your lookin for alittle more bump for your rump, go with the w3's! not a bad price for 2 and shipping was fast!

    Stephen Hood

  • I will sware by this sub my whole life!! I had two of them in a 4 door pickup in 2 seperate sealed boxes for five years with 1,200!! watts going to them and never had a problem.CLEAN, CRISP and LOUD!!!

    Jason Spence

  • i had 2 of these in a a custom box for a 98 f150 ext cab with i 500w alpine amp and they hit hard as hell too bad i switched em for 2 p2s witch hit lower and harder


  • I have 3 of these running off a jl 500x1v1 in my 06 SAAB 9-3 aero and these things sound great ! im sure the higher lines bump harder but for the $ spent i cant complain a great sub all around


  • Best hard hitting and clean sounding subs I have ever heard for the price. Also the most reliable subs too. I have a friend that has two of these in a single cab cheyyne silverado and dame these things beat the sh*t out of the truck. He is running them of a soundstream picaso mono block 1800 watt amp and these things take it like nothing. Also has a soundstream bx-15 epicenter to complement the subs and its just amazing how hard and clean those subs beat... Espicially corridos... Overall don't under estimate these subs it says 150 rms but they really handle 300 rms (jlaudio) In all best subs around for the price... They even keep up with my kicker cvr 2010 12's and a 750.1 kicker mono amp... And that's a lot of power for the jl's to keep up with ;)


  • I have two of these powered off a HD1200/1 and musically these are the best subs I have ever owned. They still hit ridiculously hard but the clarity is unmatched.

    Ray Hanning

  • This bass is clean. Currently, I got it hooked up with a Rockford mono amp, but I reckon this sub can handle even more. Gotta find me an amp that can really make this sub go all out.

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