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Keep your cellphone, tablet computer or GPS navigator secure as you drive by using a universal vehicle device mount. We have free shipping with no minimums!

Car Electronics Mounts

When you’re using portable devices to listen to music or watch movies in the car, you need a good place to put them. Trying to keep a phone on your lap or balance a tablet on the dashboard rarely ends well. Car device mounts from are a stable anchor for your electronics. They provide a firm grip for everything from smartphones to navigation systems while also giving you easy access to skip songs, change streaming stations or punch in an address. Everything you need for a fun on-the-go listening experience will be in plain sight when you have a high-quality mount.

Secure Your Devices

Our vehicle multimedia mounts are made by respected brands such as InDash, Access and PAC. We stock several styles of car mounts to fit the space you have in the cockpit. Universal suction cup phone mounts are a classic way to stick your phone to the dashboard. You’ll be able to play songs or answer calls without wasting time digging the phone out of your pocket. PortaGrip phone holders fit extra-large phones in vehicles with PanaVise or AMPS mounting systems. If you’re concerned about visibility, cup holder cellphone mounts fit any holder with a flexible adjustment arm.

More than Just Phone Mounts also has mounts for other popular in-vehicle electronics. Universal headrest tablet mounts are perfect for entertaining kids in the backseat. Just attach your tablet and they can watch a movie without bars hitting against your head. If you have an AMPS-equipped tablet or phone, a tipper mount lets you quickly adjust the angle for best usability. We also have GPS ball adapter mounts for Garmin navigators and other devices that have a ball socket. You won’t believe how much more relaxing a drive is when you can actually use your devices properly! We’re an authorized internet retailer of all major brands with a 60-day guarantee on every purchase.