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Lanzar MAXP104D

Item #16442
10" 1200W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer

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Product Reviews For Lanzar MAXP104D

  • i was impressed with these subs because they hit just as hard as my 2 alpine type Es but 1/3 the price

    zach tesky

  • These speaker HIT..there definitely great for the money..for some reason positives and negatives were switched.Not sure why because they were new. Great product


  • Been in car audio for several years,and for the price,and performance,it really cant be beat.Put 2 in seperate 1.8cuft 3/4mdf enclosures with a 2"x10 1/4" port on an Autotek Mean Machine 66,oldschool amplifier in a 92 Acura Integra 2dr hatchback,and 3/4 way up,and you cant even imagine the SPL I got out of these speakers!!Without question,sounded like a pair of Heavy Hitting 15s!!Couldnt hardly sit in the car from the pressure level performance!!Sounded just as good as my Audiobaun AW1006t 1000 rms 10s.Worth every penny guys!Dont exceed 2ohms,and you can Slam All Day Long!!!


  • wow ok i just got a pair and let me tell you thats all you need! man they got power!! they handel power i have the same model but in 15" and wow ... make the jl w6 w7 look like a toy.. try it out your self. hard to find a 10" like this with 1200 each for a good price.


  • most outstanding speakers at a great price i recomend these for people who are on a fixed income and want loud bass that rattles the car and bust windowns i have three of these on two profile amps 2000 watts each and they are so loud i have also a cap on each amp so if you like to keep your bass hitting as much as i do then use the caps boss 1.0f thanks onlinecar stereo you the best

    adam west

  • Just got two of these 10" with a crunch amp and they sound damn good in my ext cab truck port box sound ok but im going to put them in a sealed box soon put caps on the amp and hook up you capacitor and they really beat hard cant wait to hear them after they breakin


  • i have two of these in the back of my 96 camaro. they hit hi's and low's great and shake all parts of my car. great subs for the price


  • this speaker is a stinkin joke! dont waste your time or money on these pieces of crap. mine ran ok for about 15 seconds before blowing while pushing 500 watts rms when it claims to handle 600 rms


  • friends thought i had some 15's in the trunk after i got just one. bout to get my next two. these babys are amazing for the price!


  • I puchased these to replace two 8 year old 10" Infinity Reference Series subs that finally blew. I wasn't a fan of the new design Infinity used (magnet inside the basket) they had when I was shopping, so I went with the MAXP104D's (mount depth is small). A mistake I shouldn't have made. They do not sound good by anymeans, SQ or SPL. I will most likely be purchasing new subs soon and completely redesigning my box and amp racks just so I can get rid of the Lanzar subs.


  • i bought this sub thinking it was just a cheapy. but i hooked it up and even with 300 watts peak going to it it pounded. i hooked it up in my girlfriends car to her Power Acoustik 620 watt plasma-sphere amp and it HITS! very quick and responsive. i even accidently hit the sub in the cone and i picked it up and still works with no distortion. i am very pleased with mine.

    Derek Brown

  • im thinkin bout gettin these, i alredy have an amp and a box. its just my subs are getting old and distorted. so i wanna kno about hw many dps these will push out


  • well i bought 2 bout 2 years ago and they finally blew....loved them they worked perfect with my pioneer 1200watt mono amp with the parallel setup.....wow.. but its time to buy 2 more... thank you lanzar


  • I have been in car audio for years,and Lanzar seems to always impress me.I put an old school Autotek 99Mean Machine on a pair of these subs in 2 seperate 1.4cu.ft.3/4in mdf homemade boxes w a 3in.x9in pvc port in a 93 acura integra,and i couldnt believe how nicely these hit! My db meter stopped at 135,and then went to error!The dust covers blew off,and they continued to pound my chest! That was 3yrs ago,and still pounding!They were only temp.till I got my HCCAs.GREAT SUBS!

    Billy G

  • got them with my chrismas money running about 850-950 rms to each one agile like 8s but hit likes 18s idk how they do it! bandpass ported they sound good in anythingg must buy!


  • these subs rock i have two and im gitting 4 more if your looking for good subs thez are for you ive been doing my homework and thez come out one top


  • great speakers!!


  • I was playing one on a 1000 watt Sony amp and It started smoking and burned up

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