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Lanzar MAXP124D

Item #16443
12" 800W RMS (1600W Peak Power Handling) Dual 4 Ohm DVC Subwoofer

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Product Reviews For Lanzar MAXP124D

  • These are the best subs i have ever bought, for the price u can't beat em'. im runnin 2 of these off a 2000 watt lanzar amp..they thump like crazy.


  • I put these in a sealed box running a 2000 2-channel amp, I have Lanzar, 4x6's, 6x9's and these Lanzar Subs.I have a Jensen In-dash CD/DVD as the head unit with a Lanzar EQ. Have my 1995 Chevy Impala Slammin...Don't be scared to buy you wont be unhappy just a little hard of hearing....Lanzar all the way it got my Chevy thumpin...


  • love these subs, im running the kicker KX800.2 amp with 2 12 inch. They pump so hard its unbelieveable, sure there not the best but they sure are worth for how much money you pay for them


  • This subs hit very hard i have 2 of these on a 2400 watt lanzar amp, and the amp cannot handle them. These are a must buy.


  • Guys im a sound freak, i have only good quality stuff. I was surprised the sound that commes out of this subs. I bougt 2 on these and installed them in a sloted ported box that i made to specifications and it slamms hard. It's pluged to a Hifonics Brutus BX 2200 Watts RMS, limited series and the head is a Clarion DXZ865MP. I got at the local sub competition 138 db with them wich gave me 2cond spot in my category. NOT BAD FOR SUBS THAT ARE 59 $ each.


  • I have 2 of this sub in a 1998 Chevy Malibu on a 1800 watt Kenwood mono block amp and they are hittin hard. This subs are hitting at 131 dbs. I compared them to my homeboy JL w3v2's thats hitting at 136 dbs, they are on there ass. At one point I had them in a slot ported box and then put them in a sealed box and they hit even harder. I do recommend this if you don't have that much money they will beat on a good amp. But I am going to upgrade to the Rockford Fostgate T1's soon.


  • i have four of these in a dodge ram pushed by a 4000 watt lanzar amp and these are the best i ever had! for the money they beat out kicker and all those other big names....matter of fact the big names can't hang!


  • i got two of these in my 97 honda accord they hit hard only thing is i have them on a mtx 1000 class d amp it beats them up but they start to distort if the freq. is set wrong so play with them other then that they are some hard hitting subs


  • These subs are great they hit hard and for there price there the best i got two of these in my 96 mustang on a 2000 watt amp and the beat is wonderful i recomend these to everyone

    Will Pope

  • These are some very impressive subs. Cheap, but it does what other high priced subs can do. Let them break in a little bit and turn the volume up, cause it can'em!!!

    Slimm Tone

  • I have 3 of these in my bagged nissan truck. I can see people looking before I even get around the corner its amazing what these subs can do! I have them on a lanzar 4000 watt amp and they knock down doors. great sub for the money.


  • I have one of these hooked to a Lanzar 2ch 1600watt amp. It sounds really good. I am not a fan of the paper cone and the inferior surround on them but the sound that comes out of it is surprisingly good.


  • I got 2 Of these in my Mustang,man do it sounds goods and im plannin on buyin 2 more with the other 2 in a custom made box


  • Get this, I have 1 of these puppies in a custom built box in the trunk of a Honda Accord with a U.S. Amps 50 HC (Old School) @ 2 ohms. WOW! This sub Thunders! I would expect a JL or Kicker to slam this hard. Will buy more!


  • I ONLY HAVE 1 of these babies on my 97 intrepid and this things BEATS. Sounds so good...im thinking about getting a second one with a 1200+ Lanzar amp to top it off. I recommend this woofer to any and everybody!


  • I have 2 of these in a sealed box hooked up to a sony 1200w amp and these things BEAT!!!Sure these may not the best subs out there but for what u pay for u cant get any better. You wont regret buying this sub!


  • These subs were very dissapointing when i first got them but after a few days they started to sound alot better and now everyone that sees them in my single cab 79 chevy truck is impressed. These things hit hard and are clean, i only have the pair on 1000w rms but it still shakes everything.


  • I have 2 in a very large custom box and a 2-channel 1600 watt lanzar amp rated about 450-564rms per channel at unstable 1-ohm. They sound good and the price is hard to beat hits as hard as a couple solo L7 12's. Go figure


  • I just got a seal box for 4-12'in my 87' chev caprice loaded 2-12' lanzar max pro and they sound really good it's got a nice little thump to it.can't wait to load the other 2-12' lanzar max pro. thanks lanzar


  • i just loaded my 4-12 seal box with the lanzar max pro's i had 2 already in that sounded good but now with all 4 man! i'm thumping like crazy i had to reseal my back window i had a 3000 crunch d class at 2ohms 6 months later in got hot went in protection mode and never came back now i have the new 1500 crunch at 1ohm and it's hits just as hard as before if not harder. great subs thanks lanzar!


  • great sub!!! im running 1 with a 1600 watt SSL amp and it rocks the shit out of my car. great quality for a cheap price. what could be better


  • i have two of these and two lanzar 10's in my standard cab superduty with the lanzar 4000 watt amp runnin' them. over all, not bad i guess. they hit, i dont know how true the rms is though. they aren't the best and sure aren't the worst. i'd say middle of the road.


  • I ordered this sub expecting it to be good for the price. I wired it to 2 ohms on an amp that can handle loads all the way down to 1 ohm(JBL bp600.1) gains all the way down, volume never going above half-it blew in literally 2 minutes after hooking it up Robert from Montreal Canada can even come close to putting 1100 rms to each sub after it was done smoking i touched the dustcap and it felt extremely hot-basically this sub took a **** before i could even enjoy it could be my luck to get a bad sub


  • I purchased (2) Lanzar MAXP124D 12" subs along with a 4000 watt Lanzar amp. All together I spent less than $330. But, $330 well worth it. These are the best 12" subs + Amp for the dollar. The subs even sound much better than (2) 12" MTX subs and (2) Infinity subs. I was checking so many subwoofers to find out which would have the best overall bass sound and, by far, these 12" Lanzar MAXP12D are definitely unbeatable in the market right now for the price.




  • I just won 1st place in a competition last week w/ 8 of these 12" Lanzar MAX. For those who love hard hit'n low bass, these are the ones to get.


  • Lanzar has me thinking about comps now!! I have two 1600 watts lanzar vibe vw124/12D's hooked up to a 1900 watt netrik mono amp pushing about 900 rms on 2 ohms and man do these things quake. im not knocking pictures of the wall but my back never felt better from the whole car vibrating. I dont want to speak too soon though cause i have them in the spacious trunk of a 05 buick centry mounted in a pro box with the rihno linning and it could be my setup but im enjoying them after two months. Too bad i have to sell them cause the tickets i get are three times what i paid for the speakers. looking to buy 662 378 7844 Joe call anytime.

    joseph pearson

  • i have two of these being pushed by a soundstrom 3600 watt mono amp in a s10 extended cab. and they jar my whole truck, they even make my windshield wipers move. i have 400 dollars in my system, its good enough for me.


  • Great sub for the Money.I bought 2 of these.I am running them with a a8000t audiobahn and them thangs sound good!!I'm Buying two more of this to put in my Yukon


  • I purchased 4 of these subs, and all four were defective. And, though i was certain that i was not at fault, just to make sure, I took one of the broken subs apart. (OCS will replace damaged products, but it costs more to ship them back then they are worth) Taking it apart, I found that these subs are complete junk. For one, almost half of the weight that lanzar would have you believe is their magnet, is a 3/8" thick steel protector plate in the back. What they presumed to be protecting the magnet from, I don't know since it is made to be used inside a sealed enclosure. Spider tinsel leads were improperly threaded, and on all four of my subs the cone was improperly secured to the sub housing. In short, these subs are junk, and lanzar is well aware of that.


  • ok well i have two of these maxp124ds and i have a 800 watt 4-channel volfenhag amp running them and im not sure but i dont know if they need to be ported or not and i dont know the specifications or anything so if anyone knows tell me plz


  • I had 2 of these in 15s in my blazer with the Vibe286 amp, and at first they bumped.  After 1 year of running them pretty hard, they are both dead.  The first one started to go after about 6 months, and went completely out at about 8, then about 3 or 4 months later, the other one smoked.  The voice coils burned up in both of them.  The voice coil was actually black and hanging out of the magnet.  I am tearing them apart for my wall of shame, because this is the 4th lanzar sub that will be on the wall.  I will not buy any more Lanzar subs, the amps I have had ok times with, the subs are junk....And the customer support is non existant.


  • Bought 2 of these subs in 2005, both are still running strong, had them running with the max pro 2400 wat amp, and the amp just went out. For only 300 altogether, and the amp just went out, with speakers still thumping, i think it was a dame good investment


  • I had a pair of the old lanzar max 15 1200 max 600 rms they hit hard on a alpine 1505 1000 rms all lanzar max subs for small boxes thats what they are made for. Im getting the new max 15 see if they are better ill let u know.


  • Well made sub, im running them at 1000 rms for last 8 months. No problems at all and sound great. Working on running 6 at 1000 rms each in my other car right now. Overall, great buy for the money!


  • Ive installed 4 lanzar black 12s in a ported box running 2 ohms on an (old) directed 2400d - giving the speakers a true rms of 800 watts ..and they sound incredible for the money im Very impressed. 

    josh smith
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