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JL Audio 8W3v3-4

Item #18627
W3v3 Series 8" 500W Peak Power Handling 4 Ohm, Single Voice Coil Component Car Subwoofer

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Product Reviews For JL Audio 8W3v3-4

  • I have one of these behind the seat of my pickup truck. I listen to a lot of hard rock and heavy metal, and, both of these types of music have just as much bass as a lot of rap songs do. I LOVE these subs. I am used to 10 and 12 inch subs, so, when I decided to buy one of these, I was sceptical. I was really wrong. These subs hit hard and can really take a beating. I have this teamed up with an MTX 400 watt Terminator amp. I highly recommend these to anyone who has a truck or a small trunk and want an excellent sub.

    Mike W

  • I have 2 of these (8W3v3) in a 2004 Trailblazer EXT.. I built my own enclosure which is a simple rectangle box,construsted out of 3/4" MDF with .51-ish cubic ft of sealed air space(Ea chamber).. filler or braces... Thier powered by a 900w Kenwood Mono sub amp.. Not the best I know but will due till funds are right.. Lol THESE THINGS BLEW MY MIND!!!!! They hit SO HARD for 8's!!!!!! People are simply amazed when I show them.... Even my friends that have systems,cant believe that 8's can even MAKE sound like that!!!! I feel and sound like I got a pair of 10's atleast!!! Got a Datsun Z that I was in search of a small sub for and I found it... If my Trailblazer EXT is bumpin with 2 8'S the Z should be WANGIN!!!! Lol I've owned and spent alot on stereos and in my life and finally learned,that QULITY PRODUCTS make a world of difference!!!!! These JL Audio 8W3v3 are DEFENITILLY worth the buy.. If you want nice hard hittin QUALITY sounding bass sub,this is definitiy it!!! The SOUND of the bass is so intoxicating and enjoyable... Im also runnin Orion 6.5"s in all 4 doors running off a 4 ch. Orion 50x4 rms amp so my highs and mids are nice and chrisp also.. The head unit is a JVC 7" in-dash touchscreen dvd player. Except the Kenwood Amp.. Best Buy sale.. ;) Jl will be replacing that soon..

    Shawn S.

  • I have a pair of these in a JL box behind the seats in my '03 Ford Lightning. I am running 175RMS to each and they aren't broken in so I keep them low. So far they are as improssive as most 10's and some 12's. I gage them with Usher's OMG and the percieved loudnes compared with a pair of Orion HCCA 10" I ran in my 2005 Ford 500 Limited. That ride had 3600RMS each 10 and werent as punchy as these little JL's, but the JL's wont play as loudly below 30hz. Bad ASS and impressive, but expensive at full retail, manageable here OCS!

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