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JL Audio C5-650

Item #18629
C5 Series 6-1/2" 75W RMS (225W Peak Power Handling) 4 Ohm 2-way Component Speaker System

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Product Reviews For JL Audio C5-650

  • Don't get me wrong these are nice speakers but I made the mistake of buying elsewhere before i came accross this site and paid a lotmore for each set - i have two sets. They are nice but not that nice. I have them hooked up to two rockford amps and an eclipse headunit. They sound good but lack in bass, I know I'll need a sub but my factory speakers had more bass than these. While I would still recommend these if you had money falling out of your pockets, there are many speakers that have equvilent performance at half the price. Also for this type of money they should have a longer warranty.


  • Great speakers, a very natural sounding speaker with detail and with a perfect amount of brightness Not too bright not too dull, but will bring out harshness in poor recordings. Midbass is awesome,they remind me of the jl audio zrs except with lower power handling plenty of punch and depth, just make sure you seal and deaden your doors.Fed of the 300/2 these speakers are great.Crossovers are flexible with adjustments to from midrange to tweeter to suit tastes. Would recommend to someone whose after a smooth natural speaker.


  • These speakers are the best, greatest I've ever bought!!! Like all JL though, they sound best with JL got 2 sets of these and a 2 12w7 and people can hear me coming from 2 blocks away and they feel me at 1 block away, highly recommended


  • Brian from Maine, the reason your factories had more bass is the fact they probably were not crossed-over like these. The cross-over network with these take the bottom end out of it for a reason.........they are mids and its not their job to make the type of bass your refering to. I don't own these but Ido understand how it all works! Personally Im a Boston Acoustic fan from way back.God I miss the 80's and 90's when people knew what a system was and how it worked!!!


  • Speakers arent meant to play low hertz...the crossover goes to wat 60hz i wouldnt play tht it would be nothing but muddy bass..the crossover is meant to separate the lows mids nd highs...it cuts out all low hertz nd plays mid bass and highs...why the hell you you want a 6 1/2 in woofer playing bass???? wtf is wrong with people...aftermarket speakers arent meant to have the bass factory ones have...because aftermarket systems are for separating your lows mids and highs...you know why?? cuz it sounds way better nd these JL's are the best speaker i have ever owned and hooked up..runing em off of a 4 ch JL amp with JL 4 ch RCA and 4 AWG wires with a Sony DVD headunit...also go 2 12 kicker l7 solo barics :P the Boss Audio 4000 watt amp handles those nd a l7 10 solo baric nd 2 8in cvr..best system i have ever put in my car and will prolly never change unless something blows..lol.

    mike c

  • these speakers sound awesome i had a pair of polk audio db6500 before then i got these speakers have a really good sound there not like the polks they were to bright the tweeter were to bright but the jl tweeter have such a good sound


  • I just bought these and installed them today. They are replacing some Focal 165HC coaxials running off an old school 5 channel Alpine V12 (F353, 120watts x 2 front bridged, 150watts x 1 sub). This is also in a small car, with glass very close to me and the tweeter as well; a Miata. The Focals in store, in comparison, and in my car are BRIGHT. And, as they say, their midrange is "colored" in comparison to the more "natural" sounding speakers. (Usually, paper cones sound that way.) The JL C5s, in comparison, lack either flaw. No overly bright tweeter, and no tinted midrange - and not at all more expensive. After installing these, running a 80Hz HPF, 80Hz cross to a 10" sub in the floorboard (close!), and gettin it semi tuned (almost 0 adjustment necessary) it delivers an excellent soundstage, off axis response, midbass, tonal consistency and realism in things like guitars, bass guitars, electric guitars, drums, etc....anything that can wander from sub to mids - these handled whereas the Focals failed to at the same price point.

    Brett Creider

  • I have two sets of the Jl audio C5-650 2 way component speaker sets (in the doors) of my 2005 MBZ C230 4 door sport sedan ran by one Jl audio HD 600/4 amplifier , the crossovers are set to the "reference" setting, and the speakers perform flawlessly in their perspective range . The highs and mids are loud and clear ! Please understand that the Jl audio C5-650 6.5" drivers are not designed to reproduce low bass frequencies ! They are designed for audio in the mid-range! They reproduce "mid range" frequencies ! I used one Jl audio 8W7AE-3 8" subwoofer in a sealed 0.875 cu. ft. enclosure, ran by one Jl audio HD 750/1 amplifier to reproduce the low frequencies that it was designed to reproduce ! And does it go low! The head unit is a Pioneer AVIC-110Z-BT and OMG ! Boy O Boy does this system play my jazz music very loud and very clean ! This setup jams like nobody's business ! And I used all Jl audio power and speaker wires throughout! No problems, no complaints just one awesomely sweet jam session every time I drive! So don't write a bad review about any product out there if you fail to have it selected, installed and used properly ! Peace !

    Khadre Wright

  • Used as a midbass and highs in 3 way active setup with hat l3v2 for mids.. passive crossovers were not used.. wished these were soled separately. after break in period, these sound alright.. tweeters are lacking detail on both on axis and off axis settings on the dash


  • Just installed these speakers, powered by a new phoenix gold ti1600.5 amp, in my 2014 f150. I am running the stock unit with a audio control dq61. I was skeptical on how everything would sound, coming from my previous 06 f150 with a kenwood dnx9990HD, powered by a jl 320.4 with JL C2s. After listening to these new C5's all my worries were gone, they sound amazing and will take much more before becoming distorted. I would highly recommend these speakers and for the price onlinecarstereo has them for its a great deal. Delivery was fast and easy no problems what so ever.


  • Better than expected even work well with over 12 inches separation between woofer and tweeter. Excellent midbass no doubt helped by major sound deadening in my doors. They are getting over 100 W per channel and they love it. This set should include a bi-ampable crossover. I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. And the price on this website is the best around.


  • I've got these JL-C5 and I can just say this is the BEST comp' I have ever had!! Their mids are great! very much clear and much efficient, they are rich sounding and deliver whatever vocals is needed to be heard. The Tweeters are soft - as silck should be. and I can realy enjoy the soundstage I've got now in front :) . (solved my lack frontstage I got before #MB quart ). Simply Higher class then other barands! - for $$=$$. Working on JL4300. [Mitsu'- lancer]


  • was pleasantly surprised by the performance of this baby and the price on this website is the best around.

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