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Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB

Item #18695
10 Farad Hybrid Digital Capacitor

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Product Reviews For Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB

  • Bought this capacitor to help with my power issue and it helped a little bit but im finding out the best way to keep the juice coming to my amps is a high output alternator. Sorry to anyone who thinks caps work wonderful they just didnt work for me


  • This things a beast. Runnin a BXI2006D and a 4 channel soundstream amp for the speakers on it, and the lights barely dim. Takes 0 gauge like a champ and increased the SQ of everything.

    Tony O'Malley

  • I have this hooked to a Hifonics XXV-Colossus amp pushing 4 15" TXX Audiopipes. It works well when at normal to high volumes but when it comes to big power draws it just cant keep up. In my opinion the best way to go is a high amp alternator and multiple batteries, but on budget this cap. is an alright option.


  • Definitely worth the money , product is excellent in conjunction with alternator i am running an excessive amperage 300 amp alt. powering 2 18 inch subs off a rf t4000 1 bd amp and it helps alot. Def. worth the buy


  • I'm running 8 15" kicker cvx subwoofers with 2 Hifonics XX-Maxximus amps in my 1986 Ford Bronco. I have 3 240 amp alternators. Two of these 10 farad capacitors helped but like the guy said before, you definately need to upgrade your alternator and batteries if your looking for an ultimate solution to your lights dimming.


  • Proportionately I don't find a ten farad cap ten times as effective as a 1 farad. A yellow top seems to be the best solution for dimming lights but sound quality really does take a jump with capacitors.


  • yellow top or kinetik 1200 or 800 or 600 will put out alot more power than this will and it cost around the same and kinetik 600 n 800 is cheaper. spend 300 on a upgraded alternator that will do the trick


  • For anyone who is thinking about buying this capcitor for the "dimming headlights" problem stop now as the addition of a capacitor is for sound quality and not to supply a constant suppy of amperage. The only ways to get more amps is by adding a high output alternator and/or but adding high current batteries. When the capacitor sends the extra current to the amplifiers it then recharges from the battery which is charged by the alternator, without upgrading your entire charging system the use of a capacitor is a waste of money in high draw systems, if it's a low wattage system that you are searching for much better SQ then run this cap and not worry about the batt or alt. If you have a mid-range draw system like me(roughly 200amps) then a 1400 amp battery and a 175 amp alternator paired with this cap gives the best of both worlds. It's crystal clear and clean sounding to all my amps and the added feature of being able to use the cap as a grounding block and distro block makes for a real clean install.


  • Ran it with 2 Rockford Fosgate T2 12's, a Rockford Fosgate T2500 amp with all Rockford wire and the capacitor really made the bass even more crispy and clean I would really recommend it if you're running hella power and want the bass to be even more clear and clean. #nomuddybass

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