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Rockford Fosgate RFK4D

Item #19592
Complete Power, Ground and Signal Installation Kit for a Dual Amplifier - 4 Gauge

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Product Reviews For Rockford Fosgate RFK4D

  • IM a pro installer and using these wires makes my job easy they bend so nice u can put them under the amp no prob rockford always carries signal beuitifuly, sounds good bends good buy it!!!!!


  • I used this kit to install 2 amplifiers and it has everything neccesary to do so, the only thing you'll probably need more of is speaker wire, but not allot. the power wire is really durable and super flexible almost soft you can say. the RCA cables are long enough for w/e yout installing SUV/Auto and for sure a truck. all in all a great kit and worth the money.


  • Like previously mentioned, this is an excellent amp kit, but speaker wire is just a little too short. I went from DB Link zero noise RCAs to the one's included, and to tell you the truth, these sound much cleaner and cost a lot less. Definitely worth the money.


  • I tried several different install kits to try to solve a noise issue and without a doubt the best I have found on the market. It has everything you will need to do a clean install and all the wires are nice and fat yet very flexable. If it says 4 gauge its more like 2 or 3 gauge. You deffinatly get what you pay for here.


  • this kit is all quality BUT, the distribution blocks are not fused, both sets of RCA cables are for 2 channel amplifiers. it would have been nice for a dual amp kit to come with a set of RCA's for a 4 channel amp. Also, the fuse for the inline fuse holder is the WRONG type of fuse. the kit includes an in-line ANL mini fuse holder but they supply you with a MAXI fuse??? lol wtf? all in all this kit was not worth it for me, would have been better off buying everything separate this way i would have known and got everything i need and it would have been the same price, seeing how now i have to buy a fused dist. block, mini ANL fuses and a set of RCA cables for a 4 channel amp.


  • Most Flexiable and easyest wire to work with


  • This kit is outstanding. I use it with a lot of my installs. The wires are nice, easy to work with, and makes a clean installation. The 100 amp fuse works great. The only thing you will need is another 16ft RCA cable if your installing a 4 channel amp, and a lil more speaker wire.


  • I bought this and at the time it was more than half of the price than anywhere else. Overall a solid install kit!

    Russell leeson

  • Great product, the power cables are extremely flexible due to very thin copper strands and soft jacket which makes running the cable through the interior a breeze. Please be advised that the RCA cables are fragile, DO NOT PULL BY THE RCA ENDS. I killed one channel on the RCA, completely my fault.

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