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Item #19817
Concert Series Digital Bass Maximizer and Restoration Processor with PFM Subsonic Filter (Black)

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Product Reviews For AudioControl EPICENTER-BLACK

  • This product is good if you listen spanish, funk, and oldies music and don't have bass. This will give you the ultimate bass boost for your music and hit even louder.


  • best thing for alllll the music with no bass..... makes any amp push twice as hard too... poped my speaker, thats how good..... nice 1

    jonny b

  • If you are looking for lows out of this world this is the key to your system. you can take a not so good amp and add the epicenter and you will be amazed at what you hear. for everyone thats missing low notes in your music but cant afford the expesive equipment .cheat, and purchase the epicenter for a buck and a half you cant beat it.

    c. mac

  • Got this lifesaver on 3 hifonics 15's. People say it sounds like a gotdamn slump fest in my intrepid thank 2 epic it now sounds like 6 not 2 mention 2 2600w monoblocks. Im catching all low notes. I dare u to ride in the backseat.


  • Nitrous Oxide for subs.


  • got one with a JL AUDIO 1000\1v2 and two 15" L5 solo barics n a 77 cutlass..damn i broke da windsheld an both side windows an damage two custom built boxs.. Its a need n every system..promise


  • If your lookin for serious bass enhancement this is what you need. I didn think this would change my music this much but trust me it does. You cannot go wrong with buying this. I use it a lot with my corridos and banda as well as techno and it makes a dramatic difference. DONT THINK ABOUT BUYIN IT JUST DO IT CANT GO WRONG


  • Great I would buy this again and again..!! This epicenter will catch all low notes not even the best equalizer can produce, this is definitively a must for every car audio fan..!!


  • This is a great piece, however, you are an idiot for saying it breaks boxes and glass. Bass soundwaves cannot and will not break glass...that is a myth. On top of that, what kind of cheap box do you have that gets busted by L5's?! They aren't that good. This works well with a larger than speced box with a large ammount of power. Tune the box around 20-25 hz and watch things shake before you can hear the sound, nice effect.


  • i have this unit on my 07 f-250 kicker 1000.1 pushing 2 jl audio 13 sallow mounts sounds really good.

    jesse marquez

  • It a good product that i would recommend to any body that loves the car audio scene becuse you get what you pay for


  • The Best Bass processor I have ever owned. Really brings out the 808s in music that was produced before 808s ever created. By this and your world will change crazy crazy lows.


  • I would definitely recommend the EPICENTER to people who listen to music genres that don’t have enough bass or little bass. IT EXCELS in that department. I myself listen to a lot of rock and country music, and am just using my factory unit. It still sounds freaking awesome.


  • Brings back the bass, does what it's s'posed to. Really makes your sub pop. Easy to set up and control.

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