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Ground Shaker SQP212-B

Item #20154
Black 12" Dual Slot Ported Box

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Product Reviews For Ground Shaker SQP212-B

  • this box is great sounds good built solid sealed nice just wish the wire terminals were a lil sturdyer and the brand name makes sence it could shake the ground if you put the right subs and amp combo in.


  • This is a very nice box i bought this box for ocs and i put 2 12"kicker cvr's at 2ohm's on a kicker 750.1 at 2 ohms and it hits hard you can here me coming from a distance i can shake a house with this system you best believe i got king kong's in my trunk


  • this box is very nice i got my two lanzars in it and you can watch the rear window wiper bounce off the window


  • this ground shaker with two Hifonics Olympus with a 1200 diesal audio in my regular cab dodge they actually broke the back and front windows and a had it in half power but know i keep it down i dont want to buy those windows agian!!!!


  • Great box! Heavey, well built, and sturdy! But its a box for 90 bucks, kinda much if you ask me, but hey, you are definately getting what you pay for!


  • I have 2 12" Alpine tpye r dual 2 ohm subs in this box with a kicker zx1000.1 at a 2 ohm load and it is pushing 1273 watts RMS and it sounds freaking great very loud very clean only thing is that you don't know what the ports are tuned at my guess is 38 Hz but overall great product ive had is for 5 months


  • this box is insane, made my subs alot louder, when ppl sit in the back, i see them covering up there ears, and they can hear me in a distance, shakes houses. would recommend to anyone.


  • OMG this ground shaker ported box made my 2 1200w kenwood hit so hard that i had to replace a nut on my battery. Oh and plus i have a a small EXT cab so my back seats are packed but it fits good.And if you are looking for a bad ass box this is the one

    Nick B

  • omg i just had an accedent were my truck fliped 3 times and this box held up perfectly even though i didnt even have it bolted down if you want to protect your subs this is the box to do it with


  • great box i love it,it sound and look great,the guy i got 2 install it, was asking where i got it, an really wanted one and said it was made really good,coming from a pro- that knows what his talking about, its a great box. WOULD DEFF BUY AGAIN.


  • Great box with the sleek vents on the side that move in on the back. Fit my speakers awesome and looks real nice. Was here in Canada in 6 days total time.


  • bought this box about 2 months ago and my alphasonik mayhems fit in it perfectly plus it has a great look and make may mayhems sound way louder. recomend this to anyone


  • This was an amazing buy, improved sound quality by 100%, its like adding another amp compared to what i had before...the minor con is that you have to wire the inside of the terminals yourself..t hard i just like having it pre-wired other wise great bu

    Yogi Bear

  • This is a great box for the price I prefer to build my own but I have one of these with 2 alpine type r's are WOW with my soundstream tra 1400.2 it just sounds amazing.


  • ive purchased several of these enclosures for various friends and ive had nothing but great experiences with them i highly recommend them to anyone

    josh koerner

  • the box itself is amazing BUT the website has the dimensions wrong. they're 33" wide not 32". its not much of a difference and it may be that the company changed the exterior liner. but i have 2 of these boxes and had to fit them length wise in my truck and the 2 extra inches threw off all of my measurements.


  • I have this box with 2 12" MB Quart rwe-302's running on a kicker zx1000.1 and it suits the setup well it is a really nice box. the wrap is a dark grey and then on the sides it has a dark carpet inlay and the inside of the ports are painted black which gives it a really nice look.


  • This box sounds amazing, I'm pushing two rockford p3's and this box make it bumps, however i noticed the sticker inside the box says 2.65 cubic FT. and the specs on here say 3.6, but other than that its a good box

    Shane Stew.

  • I did have this at one time, but when I did still have it wow, I absolutely loved it!! I had two 12" Alpine Type S subwoofers in it, the bass was unreal and sounded amazing. I recommend this box to anyone.

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