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Alpine KTP-445A

Item #22252
45W x 4 RMS @4Ohms/2Ohms Class D 4-Channel Compact Amplifier

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Product Reviews For Alpine KTP-445A

  • A nice little amp add on,I like the small compact size and its simple wiring directions. Adds just enough power for my truck that only has 2 door speakers for now. In the future I will add a small sub and another amp for better sound. Overall a great buy.


  • I have a Alpine CDA-9886 Which by itself is an awesome head unit. I wanted a little more power that the 18 watts R.M.S. that unit supples. The Alpine KTP-445 is a great unit it adds more dimension to the sound stage in the car. The mid and high volume levels are a lot louder. Great improvement. I am running 2 Alpine Type S 6 X 9's, 2 Alpine Type R 6.5 door speakers Two 3.5 Infinity Kappas in the dash. 2 Hifonics Brutis series 12" subs. Their is only one thing I do not like about it. Their is a pop sound when you turn the stereo on. It's very slight like the way the old school amps were when you them on. Great amp for the money. Lots and lots of wire. this thing is 1-1/2 X 7-1/4 X 2-3/4. I have a '05 dodge Neon and it was hard to find a spot to put it. Overall 4-1/2 stars out of 5. It would have got a 5 Star rating if it did not 'pop' when you turn it on.


  • I was a little afraid of buying this at first, but im gld that i did! This thing is amazing. I put it in with my stock front speakers in and they were freaking out. My rear 6x9s loved it though. I was able to turn up the volume 5 more notches. I forgot that i unplugged my subs and it still bangs. Im so glad that i bought this. A little hard to find room though!

    Chase B

  • I bought the Alpine KTP-445 to match with the Alpine CDE-HD137BT and a pair of Rockford-Fosgate Prime R1693 6x9's for the rear and a pair of Rockford-Fosgate Prime R164 6 1/2" for the front. The speaker installation was fairly simple, requiring minor modifications. The Head-Unit and KTP-445 was a piece of cake to install. As soon as I turned it on, I fell in love with the great sound. Even using Rockford-Fosgates lower end speakers, the Bass, Mids and Treble was superb. For the little amount I have invested, this system sounds much better than the High-End $1500 system with huge Amp and Sub I have installed in my truck. The KTP-445 is made for newer Alpine head units, is way easy to find a home to hide it in and there are no huge power cables to install. Simply plug it in to the head unit, then plug in your existing car wiring harness and you're good to go. The 40 watt RMS it puts out drives my speakers like there is no tomorrow. I am extremely happy with the performance. I think the creation of the mini-Amp will undoubtedly be the demise of the huge power robbing amps of yesterday. This KTP-445 is the beginning of the new future for automotive amps. Technology has finally happened upon the automotive world. If a new sound system is in your future, check this Alpine Amp out. You will not be disappointed at all. My new system in my car proves you don't have to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to create that system everyone will be envious over. Alpine also make this amp for systems other than Alpine, the KTP-445U (for Universal).


  • I used this porduct in conjunction with an Alpine head unit, 2 6.5" and 2 6x9" Morel speakers and a low profile 10" amplified subwoofer in my 2007 Chevy 2500hd Classic. The speakers sound great! A little head scratching was involved as to where to mount this thing. But with some velcro i was able to install it behind my lower steering column trim to the right side of the column. Harness length was ample, and it really is plug and play with an Alpine head unit. I highly recommend this product to give your speakers a little extra mustard when used with an Alpine deck!


  • Blown away with what Alpine has done. Installed in my new Kubota sounds awesome!


  • Had the head unit a month ago, but I felt that I needed this amp for more power and it really works as advertised. This is a plug and play amp, and installation was never a hassle

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