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Pyramid PS52KX

Item #22372
46 Amp Power Supply

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Product Reviews For Pyramid PS52KX

  • I owned this power supply for 10 years. I had a noisy fan after 8 years. The bushings were worn out. I used the power supply close to 18 hours a day/7 days a week. I replaced the fan at my local electronics supply house for short money and installed it myself. I didn't rate it 5 stars because I expected it to last forever. I never drive it hard, only about 20 amps intermittently. Most of the time it draws less than 3-4 amps. Would I ever recommend this power supply? You bet your sweet bippy I would. On a scope it showed ZERO ripple. This power supply has no noise coming through it going to an amateur radio on the lower bands like switching power supplies do; and they all do on 80m. Would I ever buy another PS52KX? Yes sir! in a heartbeat. At a later date I'll buy another as a backup.

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