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Lanzar VCT4110

Item #23323
2000W 4 Channel High Power MOSFET Amplifier

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Product Reviews For Lanzar VCT4110

  • this is a great amp for the price it is worth every penny and some i have this one amp running 4 12 inch subs it never gets to hot and has never clipped on me and it makes alot of bass at 150 watts rms at each of the 4 channels


  • The amp rocks! It is clean, crisp, and reproduces every note with the utmost quality. The amp doesn't get hot at all, and it looks GREAT! Very sleek design!


  • This is a very good good amp to install for highs, I have it running on four Pioneer 6x9's, a pair of Pioneer 6.5 and a set of SoundStream tweeters with noooo problems! Word of wisdom, best to buy for your highs not a good amp for your subs, unless you buy cheap subs.


  • Dont know a lot about amps. But I do know what sounds good and have this amp hook to a pair of lanzar 6.5 400 watt components and a pair of off brand 6.9 someone gave me at 375 watts everything is loud and clear.


  • this amp is a beast. i have it running 4 autotek subs. grea amp. never gets hots.


  • purchased this amp thinking i would need to replace it ina year or two have it running now on my third year and all i can say its that if it does go out on me by now i will come back and bay the exact same one i have never had any problems with this amp loud and clear i am running 2 12" subs and two component speakers. i run this for my trips when i go on the high way for an hour or two and it keeps kicking took me about a full month to set the gains to the corect level. hint start low and you will get the best performace. perfect 10/10.


  • No complaints have used for over a year and a half and not a problem yet. Had 2 10" eminence deltas 2 8s 2 6s and four super tweeters on it for around 6 months and was LOUDDD and clear. Also rigged it up with the amp and a battery in a back pack hooked to the two tens and one horn and played it at spring break on the beach non stop for 8 hours with zero problems


  • I have owned this amp for almost 2 years now. So far, it has treated me very well. On a hot summer day, I have to switch the AC on, and direct it to the floor(it's under my passenger seat). I feel that it gives pretty reliable power output. I have a seperate Boss amp driving my 2, 12" subs, and this one drives the 4, 6x9 speakers - (2 kenwood 500W 5ways, and 2 500W Clarion 4ways). Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. My friends hear Lanzar, and they make fun of me, but i'm happy. I started this evening looking for negative reviews to see why people looked down on this brand, but found nothing but great reviews. I don't know what people are talking about. I would have liked it, however, if there were an option to control the crossover for the line out, as that is what I run my subs from. This is why I rated the features at an 8/10.

    Dakota Lally

  • Amp works awesome. Haven't had any issues. Good amp for the money


  • This amp made my speakers come alive! I am soooo pleased with the power!!! I rate this one as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Very clear sound !!! The price is unbelievable !!! People yap about amps and most don't deliver. I can tell you this one delivers what you are looking for.

    Joseph oser

  • This amp has the balls you look for in an amp. It is very strong and does not fail when you need it. It also does not strain in terms of killing your alternator. I am so pleased that I finally have an amp that delivers instead of hyped up amps that don't perform. This is a good buy!!! I strongly recommend this one!!!

    Joseph Oser

  • Got this running with four Kicker 6x9s, and man, it's worth every penny. Went on a more than half-day road trip last month, and it didn't shut off even once. The sound was perfect too.


  • Pushes my speakers with no issue. What I liked is its bass boost as you will really feel the addition of bass in your sound. Great value!


  • Perfect fit


  • Good quality amp. Good power output and does not heat up too much after long hours without turning it off.

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