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Pair of 10" 1800W 4-Ohm Type-R Shallow-Mount Car Audio Subwoofer - BOGO 1/2 Off Promo
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Dean Wilkins - Canada
10/14/2014 09:52 PM

A little bit expensive but you definitely get what you pay for. Very happy with the sub and impressed with the overall sound.

Travis - California
03/07/2011 12:13 PM


Installed this under my back seat in a 2004 F150.  I replaced a Pioneer Premier 10'' with 2 ohm dvc.  In my opinion, the bass sounded better, granted i went from 2 ohm to 4 ohms with this speaker, so i'm not sure if that had anything to do with it.  But it does hit harder and sounds more "crisp" as in some bass guitar, it isn't muddied like the old sub i had, it actually sounds like someone is playing a bass guitar in the cab.

I then swapped my alpine v12 m605 to a pdx m6,  this made a little more difference, As it was a little easier to tweak the amp, as my old amp had a large cover over the controls which you couldn't get to under the seat.  I could barely tell a difference when i changed amps, oh well, the older amp is going in the wife's car, with the old sub.  It does vibrate the hell out of everything alot more compared to the old sub/amp combo....

Anyways, i have a very small amount of subs to choose from as i only have about 5 3/4'' of depth to mount a box under my seat and do not want to go crazy with a custom enclosure.  This sub does its job well, sounds good for only being powered by 600wrms.  It doesn't go super low on some low bass notes and some fast bass you have to turn it down a little, which i had to do with the old setup, but this setup isn't half as bad, but hey, its only 1 10'', i'm considering going to 2 10''s cause i want more.  But i have had just 1 sub for the last 5 years and it was enough, i just want more.  It does sound better than any trunk subs (2 12's) i have ever had in previous vehicles, cause this is sitting in the cab with me....

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