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American Bass

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American Bass

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High-quality car audio products

If you are looking for high-quality car audio products, then maybe American Bass is what you are looking for. From amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers to marine audio components and other installation accessories, they have what you need for your excellent audio quality desires.

Since its establishment in 1991, American Bass has become one of the staple brands when it comes to high-quality car audio products. Their history of proven records in the car audio industry speaks for itself. The company's excellent customer service and competitive pricing became their identity in the business throughout the years. Aside from that, they are also widely known for manufacturing innovative audio products that exceed the expectations of standard consumers.

Outstanding performances and records in other car audio competitions

American Bass also has been active in sponsoring and joining car audio competitions throughout the years. Their products have achieved an impressive 179.7 decibels in the dB Drag Racing competition. They also established outstanding performances and records in other car audio competitions in the United States, like USAci and MECA, while winning the Extreme Cup in 2003.

Just by their reputation and achievements, you can already be sure that purchasing any American Bass product is an excellent decision that gets you closer to the top-notch car audio quality you are looking for.