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Boom Mat

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Boom Mat

OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be a Boom Mat Authorized Dealer.

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Boom Mat Sound dampening

Are you irritated when your car's compartment produces too much heat and noise? This can really be a headache for you, which is why you already need to install Boom Mat products on your vehicle. Owned by Design Engineering Inc., Boom Mat is a brand for dampening products that are designed to reduce vibration and heat, resulting in your most comfortable driving experience.

One of the brand's latest technologies, Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining, is a game changer for reducing the unnecessary noise and heat that every engine's compartment produces. By integrating a high-quality acoustic foam into a fiberglass-reinforced aluminum skin, just stick it to the noisy part of your car, and you already have in your hands the perfect product to fix your problem.

Here at Onlinecarstereo.com, as an authorized dealer of Boom Mat products, not only that we have thermal and acoustic solutions under the brand, but we also have a vast selection of speaker baffles that were designed to protect the back of the speakers from getting damaged. Made from closed-cell polyethylene, it still gives you the same sound quality while you watch your speaker from getting damaged.

All Boom Mat products come with a manufacturer warranty, and if there are proven defects, you can replace them as long as it is within one year from their original purchase date.