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OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be a Farenheit Authorized Dealer.

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Bring your vehicle A/V experience to life in vivid detail with Farenheit car DVD players, monitors, Bluetooth stereos and other high-end multimedia equipment.

Farenheit A/V Equipment for Cars

Every video that you or your passengers watch will look and sound amazing when you’re using Farenheit car A/V products. Farenheit Technologies is a brand of Epsilon Electronics that produces premium video and audio gear for vehicles. Every product is designed and engineered to produce high-quality sound and visuals while being easy to operate. Commutes will be more enjoyable when you create a mobile entertainment system that you can take with you wherever you go.

Premium Vehicle Video & Audio Players

OnlineCarStereo.com is an authorized Farenheit USA dealer and carries all their latest products. While we don’t recommend watching videos while driving, you might need a way to keep passengers entertained. Their in-dash DVD players and video receivers are perfect for movies, games and other activities. With this equipment, you can also play video from USB sticks, SD drives and Bluetooth devices with full control. Run your radio and media player through them as well so you can enjoy your tunes when you’re by yourself.

The front passenger seat isn’t the only entertainment center in your car. Farenheit multimedia equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Overhead flip-down DVD players and monitors are perfect for campers while headrest mount monitors thrill the kids in the backseat without disturbing the driver. Use Farenheit over-ear wireless car headphones so everyone can enjoy their video of choice without fighting over what to watch. Other great products such as in-dash navigation systems, Bluetooth car stereos and video signal amplifiers will make your vehicle setup rival any home theater.

Products & Support from Experts

Since 1999, we have been the source for the best car audio, video and multimedia gear with free U.S. shipping. Use Farenheit A/V systems from OnlineCarStereo.com to liven up every trip. We provide lifetime expert technical support on every purchase to help you get the most from your new equipment.