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Ground Shaker

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OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be a Ground Shaker Authorized Dealer.
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Ground Shaker satisfying audio quality enclosures

How essential are speaker enclosures to achieve the most satisfying audio quality you dream of hearing? Although any speaker can function even without an enclosure; however, having one dramatically improves its performance, and that is what a Ground Shaker enclosure would do to your speaker.

Famous for its impressive reputation, Ground Shaker is an American audio company based in California specializing in making speaker and subwoofer enclosures. Using the industry-standard medium-density fiberboards in manufacturing its boxes, Ground Shaker does take its goal seriously to help your car speakers perform in the best way possible for you to have the best listening experience in your vehicle.

As we are an authorized dealer of Ground Shaker products here at Onlinecarstereo.com, we offer all types of enclosures you can ever imagine. From ported to sealed designs, single to triple slots, woofer to subwoofer enclosures, to whatever you and your vehicle need to achieve the ultimate listening experience, we have it all for you.

Aside from speaker and subwoofer enclosures, we also carry Ground Shaker car audio and speaker installation accessories. These products come with a manufacturer warranty and can be replaced within one year of purchase if defective.