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OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be an Jensen Authorized Dealer.

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Jensen mobile audio has been an innovator in sound for more than a century, and they continue to set the bar for both quality and value. Their founders created the moving-coil loudspeaker in 1915, and the company continues to pioneer new ways to listen and watch. Jensen was purchased by Namsung Corporation in 2015, and by combining Jensen’s car audio knowledge with Namsung’s resources, they continue to be a leader in high-quality yet affordable electronics.

Shop for authorized Jensen car audio speakers, stereos, amplifiers and more at OnlineCarStereo.com. Full-range car speakers from the JS Series are a huge upgrade over factory cans at an impressively low price. Their in-dash receivers range from simple single-DIN CD receivers to large 10-inch multimedia receivers that have Bluetooth wireless, Apple CarPlay, video playback and other features. Jensen also makes other car A/V solutions such as rearview cameras to improve visibility and safety. We offer lifetime tech support to help you get the most from your gear.

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Top Sellers From Jensen

Jensen Audio & Video Products

When people need premium vehicle stereo performance at a bargain-bin price, they trust Jensen mobile electrics. The history of this consumer electronics pioneer goes back to 1915 when Peter Jensen and Edwin Pridham invented the first moving-coil loudspeaker (known as the Magnavox). In the century-plus since then, Jensen has introduced many new innovative products for superior in-car audio, video, multimedia and navigation. Namsung Electronics and the Dual Electronics Corporation bought the Jensen brand in 2015 — but the commitment to mobile A/V excellence hasn’t changed.

Affordable Vehicle Electronics

By choosing Jensen, you’ll get the same quality and control as many performance audio brands while paying far less. OnlineCarStereo.com has the latest Jensen car stereos that put endless possibilities at your fingertips. Their line-up of digital media receivers has numerous available features, including receivers with CD players, DVD players, satellite radio, USB screen mirroring and much more. In-dash receivers with GPS navigation help you get to your destination while Bluetooth car stereos support wireless connections for streaming playlists or videos. Hook up a Jensen rear-view camera for added safety during every drive. Both single-DIN and double-DIN receivers are available for your dashboard.

We haven’t forgotten about what made Jensen famous, though. You’ll also find a variety of Jensen car audio speakers and amplifiers to take advantage of your new stereo capabilities. Their 2-way and 3-way full-range car speakers capture the truest sound of your music from a single speaker-head pairing, saving space and setup time. With a multi-channel amplifier, you can get enough signal power to whichever speakers and subwoofers need it.

A Name You Can Rely On

Knowledgeable audiophiles know that Jensen audio is a name that deserves your respect. We are an authorized dealer of this time-tested brand with its best and most popular products. Each order ships free in the lower 48 states with a 60-day guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with how it performs.