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MKW Alloy Custom Wheels for Sale – OnlineCarStereo.com

Make your car, truck or SUV the sharpest-looking one in every group with forward-thinking MKW aluminum alloy wheels for on-road and off-road performance.

MKW Alloy Wheels

You’re always moving forward in your vehicle — well, except for backing out of parking spaces — so you should have wheels from a company that’s always moving forward, too. MKW Alloy has been pushing the aftermarket wheel industry forward for more than two decades with designs that are both exciting and functional. This Southern California–based company began in 1995 as a wheel exporter but introduced its own line of custom wheels in 1998 and has been making waves ever since. They know the modern wheel customer is educated, informed and discerning about their purchase. That’s why they constantly develop new ideas for a variety of driving applications to keep you in high gear.

Innovative Wheels & Rims

Shop online or visit our own Southern California stores to find MKW custom wheels for vehicles of all sizes. The MKW name is synonymous with large-diameter chrome wheels — they were even the first company to introduce 26-inch SUV aftermarket rims. But MKW Wheels has options to please any car enthusiast. They make off-road truck wheels, luxury sedan wheels, FWD car wheels, light SUV rims and many others. MKW has also added sub-brands of custom rims to their line-up, including Hostile Wheels for off-road vehicles, Road Street Race (RSR) Wheels for superior performance and MAK Wheels with Italian styling.

Designed to be the Best

Personalizing your car is about both upgrading performance and living the automotive lifestyle. MKW Alloy Wheels are constructed to fulfill all your desires. They are cast or forged from premium materials such as aluminum and magnesium that are light, strong and corrosion-resistant. Find your favorite spoke pattern with finishes such as satin black, machined black, gloss silver and chrome for the sleekest-looking wheels you’ve ever seen. Need assistance finding the perfect wheels? Call or email us Monday-Friday for both English- and Spanish-language customer service. You’ll also receive lifetime tech support and a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on your wheels.