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RBP Wheels

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RBP Wheels

OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be a RBP Wheels Authorized Dealer.

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RBP Off-Road Wheels for Trucks – OnlineCarStereo.com

Go where the roads don’t by using Rolling Big Power truck and UTV wheels for trail driving in comfort and style. Shipping is free at OnlineCarStereo.com!

RBP Custom Off-Road Wheels

Even the most avid off-roaders know you need wheels that are good for the street, too. Who out there has the time and cargo space to swap wheels every time you get off the beaten path? RBP Wheels are made to go cruising on the highway, go mudding through the woods and everything in-between. Their name is short for Rolling Big Power — and you’ll have plenty of both when you’re riding on these custom alloy truck wheels. Get yourself a set of RBP off-road wheels at OnlineCarStereo.com that deliver the performance you need with a stylish look even after they get dirty.

Strong Wheels for Street & Dirt

Rolling Big Power wheels come in many designs for both lifted and non-lifted trucks. One-piece cast aluminum wheels such as the Atomic, Saharan and Glock will raise your rig above the crowd at an affordable price. For extra strength in the heat of competition, forged RBP truck wheels like the Magnum, Badlands and Mojave will send you to the front of the pack. RBP also makes dually wheels and dual-purpose bead lock wheels. All of their rims are made of a high-grade aluminum alloy that’s machined to precise dimensions. Wheels are available in sizes from 17 to 30 inches with many different widths for trucks of any size.

Elevate Your Performance & Style

Part of owning a truck is making a big impression on first sight. RBP performance off-road wheels do just that. Find 5-spoke wheels, 7-spoke wheels, V-spoke wheels, spider-spoke wheels in many other styles with finishes ranging from machined black to chrome. Go with a monster-truck style that practically makes you want to thump your chest and roar or go with a “classy aggressive” accent for street and show. RBP wheels have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and come with a 60-day guarantee when you order at OnlineCarStereo.com. We’re an authorized RBP dealer with all the latest models.