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OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be a Rohana Authorized Dealer.

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Rohana Performance Custom Wheels – OnlineCarStereo.com

Drive with the luxury style and performance you deserve on Rohana custom forged wheels that are innovative, creative and well-built for serious car lovers.

Rohana Aftermarket Wheels

Treat your vehicle the right way with custom wheels from a company that always puts design and quality first. Rohana Wheels is based out of Chicago, IL and makes some of the world’s finest luxury wheels for American, European and Japanese car makes. Their rims are distributed to more than 40 countries where car enthusiasts recognize the superior design and performance of the Rohana name. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, these wheels are engineered to take on the harshest driving challenges of the street and track while looking good doing it. OnlineCarStereo.com is now an authorized retailer of Rohana aftermarket wheels and will help you get a set at a great price.

Unique Designs for Your Car

Rohana Wheels designs three innovative wheel collections for sports cars, luxury sedans, SUV crossovers and other popular vehicles. The RC Series is the original Rohana line of cast aluminum custom wheels. All wheel models of this series come in three different concavities to offer the best face profile without interfering with the suspension. More recently, the Rohana Forged and Rolled Forged series offer the best handling and strongest structure bearing their name. The rotary forming with heat and pressure gives them the rigidity, balance and durability to handle a fearless driver. Most rims are designed to fit around high-performance big brakes so your stopping power is never compromised.

Sleek Wheels That Also Perform

Be like the enthusiasts at Rohana with a total commitment to performance that never compromises. The spoke designs, sizes and offsets of their wheels bring out the best in every vehicle. They also have some of the hottest finishes in the industry with red, blue, gold, chrome and black wheels to color-match the car they’re on. Rohana Wheels has precision fitments for the Dodge Challenger, Audi A5, Chevy Camaro, Nissan GTR, Jeep Grand Cherokee and much more. OnlineCarStereo.com backs them with lifetime tech support whether you order online or buy in-person at a brick-and-mortar store.