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OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be an SounDigital Authorized Dealer.

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A great in-car listening experience requires a good audio signal, and SounDigital provides it with the best vehicle amplifiers on the market. This Brazilian company has a singular purpose: create amps that power your power. It all began with a car amplifier designed for a college project in the 1990s; since then, SounDigital products have quickly become a leader in the competition sound field. SounDigital also works with other companies to ensure their amplifiers work with the speakers, subwoofers and other components popular among audiophiles.

OnlineCarStereo.com carries dozens of SounDigital audio amplifiers for any setup. You can get mono amplifiers, four-channel amps, bridgeable amps and other designs that produce up to 12,000 watts of power. Amplifier series such as the EVOX, EVOX2 and EVO PS provide many options for your speaker setup and budget. We also have SounDigital audio control gear to help you tweak the sonic note. Shipping is free in the lower 48 states with a low price guarantee.

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Produce high quality products which live up to our customers expectations

Known for making top-notch quality audio products meant to exceed every customer's expectations, SounDigital's DNA has always been its love for innovation and the continuous search for new technologies that could be a game changer for the audio industry.

When the company's founder, Juliano Anflor, who was still an electrical engineering student back in the 90s, decided to create a car amplifier that would serve as his college project, this gave birth to an audio company that would find its products in more than 40 countries today. From a hobby, it now became one of the highly sought-after audio brands worldwide.

As an authorized dealer of SounDigital products, we at Onlinecarstereo.com offers a wide array of options for car audio needs, from car amplifiers to amplifier installation accessories; we have them all for you.

All SounDigital products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. You are given a replacement option if the item is found defective, as long as it is within a year from its original purchase date.