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Toro Wheels

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Toro Wheels

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Toro Custom Sport Wheels for Sale – OnlineCarStereo.com

Enjoy top track performance with a luxury edge by ordering Toro aftermarket wheels in many sizes and finishes that will make you a real bull behind the wheel.

Toro Sport Wheels

Even if you’ve never run with the bulls, you can experience the thrill of the chase on Toro custom wheels. Toro is an offshoot of luxury aluminum wheel manufacturer XIX Wheels. While the XIX brand is aimed toward luxury vehicles, Toro Wheels offer a sport design and styling at a much lower price point. They still have some of that luxury feel — but they’ll also help you fly down the straightaways or through the esses on track day. You can afford to upgrade your rims when you order Toro aftermarket wheels that are made for going fast in every direction.

Find Your Inner Rush

When you want to drop the hammer, you need wheels that are light, strong and stable. Toro racing wheels are all of these things. They’re made of a lightweight aluminum alloy that gives you better handling and throttle response than even the best steel wheels. Toro aluminum wheels are also more corrosion-resistant and practically rust-proof. The modern construction helps them handle the stresses of the track while remaining balanced under extreme forces.

These wheels aren’t just made for performance, though. You can see the XIX Wheels heritage in Toro’s immaculate style. They offer an array of styles with their take on classic patterns, including 7- and 8-spoke wheels, double-spoke wheels, spider wheels and SS lip wheels. You’ll also have custom finishes such as black machine striped rims, black wheels with red stripes and silver wheels.

Affordable Alloy Rims

Search the Toro wheel collection at OnlineCarStereo.com and find a set that will upgrade your style. You don’t need a bottomless wallet to give your car some custom style. With our low prices and free U.S. shipping, you can get both aftermarket wheels and that new car stereo you’ve been eyeing! Visit a store or give us a call to speak with an expert who is dedicated to serving your needs.