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Alpine Authorized Dealer


OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be a iDatalink Authorized Dealer.

iDatalink remote start and audio integrations

As the development of car technologies is evolving at a rapid rate, car owners also must be able to adapt to this. One of the best solutions companies were able to cope with this problem is factory integration. Factory integration allows you to integrate aftermarket products into your vehicle without losing your car's factory features, and that's what iDatalink products are for.

Established in 2005, the iDatalink brand is under the company Automotive Data Solutions Inc., which is widely known for manufacturing and developing remote start and audio integrations that are meant for the automotive aftermarket. iDatalink products are designed to interface with your car's factory features, allowing you to integrate aftermarket products without any hassle.

As an authorized dealer of iDatalink products, we at Onlinecarstereo.com only offer the latest factory integration solutions the brand has in store for all its customers, from audio, video, and dash kit interfaces to processors and other installation accessories; we have them all for you.

All iDatalink products come with a manufacturer warranty and can be replaced within one year of their original purchase date if defective. Lastly, shipping is free to all iDatalink products without any minimum purchase.