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Pro DJ Headphones & Amplifiers – OnlineCarStereo.com

Use the same performance headphones as the world’s best DJs by getting pro audio headphones, headsets and headphone amplifiers with a 60-day guarantee.

Professional Headphones & Headsets

Anyone who’s ever told you that “headphones are headphones” have either never owned a good pair or are completely tone-deaf. When you’re DJing a live event or mixing an album, you’re going to need more than the $10 department store ear buds to get the sound just right. Pro audio headphones from OnlineCarStereo.com are the highest-quality headphones we offer. You’ll experience highs, mids and lows that rival any home theater or pro audio system — but that only you can hear.

Over-the-Ear Headphones & Amplifiers

You don’t need a room full of speakers to get the best sound. Professional DJ headphones produce dynamically balanced audio but can slide into a backpack when not in use. Use them to cue up tracks during a show, listen to offstage instructions or hear playback when you’re in the studio. Musicians love them as well for practicing late at night without waking up the neighbors. Share the amazing sound with assistants, band members and friends by adding a multi-channel headphone amplifier that has individual level adjustments.

Wireless Lavalier Headsets

Sometimes you need to move around a stage or room as you’re listening up. A pro audio lavalier microphone system is perfect for lead singers, fitness class leaders, conference presenters, musical theater actors and others who never stay in one place. They include a headset, lavalier microphone and belt-clip transmitter with a range of up to 250 feet. With a multi-lavalier, multi-channel system, you can find the right frequency for two speakers or performers to share the spotlight.

Listen & Speak Clearly as You Work

What’s worse during a show: not being able to hear, or not being heard? When you’re using the best pro headphones and body mic headsets, you’ll never have to find out. OnlineCarStereo.com has your back with lifetime tech support and a 60-day money-back guarantee on every purchase. Pay less and get more for your audio setup from the leading audio retailer on the internet.