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Dynamat 19405

Item #13389
Trunk Kits Heat Barrier and Sound Deadening Mats

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Product Reviews For Dynamat 19405

  • this doesnt actually do your hole trunk. Its not enough and its to expencive. If u want to do your trunk buy more then this. your best off just getting the biggest pack for your trunk/car.

    Dj Guilty

  • I bought 2 of these and I am very happy. There was enough to do my roof and both my doors with still some left over. I am very happy with the results. Dynamat Extreme is the best stuff out there! Buying it from this site saved me a lot of money!


  • It works somewhat, but definitely overpriced for the little difference you actually hear. Trunk pack doesn't do entire trunk unless you have a tiny sports car. Try 1 gallon of Second Skin Spectrum for better results. Also, if your working with 500 watts+ RMS from a subwoofer system decrease Bass Level down to -7, and Sub-L to +7 if you have an Alpine HU to get the full dampening effect. Nice sticker though!


  • This stuff works. It isn't very pricy on this site, but everyone thinks it is, i went to a local shop and they were going to charge me 200 to do my trunk. And i got rid of the vibrations with less than a box. And it only cost me 140 for two boxes of this stuff, so it is a pretty good deal if you order it from the site. This stuff really works


  • I don't know what these other guys did, but I've only installed this on my trunk lid so far and it's already made a noticable difference in the sound quality. They must not have read the instructions. The roller works OK if you have a nice flat area, but on a trunk lid with lots of bumps and recessed areas, my thumb seemed to be the best tool to work it in. Make sure that you get good adhesion to the metal surfaces, or you'll end up putting up a review like these other guys, who obviously didn't know what they were doing. Oh, and expencive?? This was less than half of what I've seen everywhere else!


  • This stuff really works. I have it in two cars now and have no complant. the trunk kit wont do the whole trunk but its worth it. Very good product and on this site its cheaper than anywhere else.


  • i installed this in the trunk of my RSX i have 2 12' alpine type r in a vented box with the MRD-1005 amp although it didnt totally kill the rattle outside it highly increased the clean bass sound inside, you won't be dissapointed with this, i plan on getting more to do the hatch and floorboards. this is the best place to get Dynamat half the price or less than you would pay in retail stores.


  • With all the great things said about the sound improvement with this product, not enough is said about the thermal value. I have a 2008 Civic and I applied this to the entire interior of the vehicle. The improvement in sound, especially base was obvious, but I began to notice that the vehicle would heat much faster and retain heat in very cold weather. during an hour drive in 30 degree weather, I had to turn off the heater because even on the lowest heat setting, the car would get very warm. im interested in seeing if it works that well with the AC in the summer. This is a great product with a very good price. After a fair ammout of internet research, this is truly the cheapest place to get this product.


  • great product, if you have a large amount to do the entire trunk with no spaces empty you will DEFINITELY hear and feel the difference but make sure you buy two trunk kits if you want everything done, maybe 3 for a big car also would recommend second skin products, same quality, little cheaper


  • Wow after using dynamt I really have to turn down my subwoofer volume to minimum because it increases the bass in the car. It doesnt get rid of the trunk rattle for really high bass songs as well as i hoped. The price on this site is the best you will find anywhere.


  • Yes I agree completely, If your looking for something to make that trunk rattle stop, this is not it. It helps a little, but I did see a major improvement in loudness!! and crisp sound. Not enough to do entire trunk!!

    Colby Novak

  • My truck stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Traffic is quiet in the bussiest of rush hour. No rattles just bliss.


  • Very easy to install and worth the money

    jay griff

  • Easy to apply if all instructions are followed. Just what I needed to cover 4 doors' inside skins. Two of these kits would cover inside skins and door panel frame for optimum performance. Shipped as expected. Great product for the price and great service!

    David Roeder
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