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JL Audio 10W1v3-4

Item #15650
W1v3 Series 10" 600W Peak Power Handling 4 Ohm, Single Voice Coil Component Car Subwoofer

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Product Reviews For JL Audio 10W1v3-4

  • I have one of these in a sealed box hooked to a clarion 200w amp it hits hard and causes my amp to go into protection mode. I am upgrading to a bigger amp. For sound quality these are awsome subs. They pickup many different frequencys of bass. If you want to be heard from three quarters of a mile away. These probably are not the subs you need. but if loud smooth sounding clear bass is what you want I recommend these


  • I got two of these subs in a custom ported box in my 03 mustang. I have an 1000 watt amp that givs about 500 watts continuous power. These things just hit hard!!!. I had two audiobahns to the same amp and they aren't even close. The JL's make my eardrum shake. lie! When i play a strong bass song people litereally stick there heads out of their cars to look behind them at red lights all the time. I listen to both Rap and Rock and these subs are the best for either.


  • heard two of these, pretty good sound quality at a beginners level sound class but way to expensive for a much cheaper price and same output i recommend kicker comps


  • I am running one in a sealed box. This sub hits all the right notes even when played at high volume distortion. The cleanast 10 sub i ever owned.

    brett scheepers

  • i have 2 in a custom box in my silverado with a 800watt kenwood amp almost full powered it hit realy hard but not redickulis. if u want loud go with kicker quality go with jl.


  • great sub for beginners, hit smooth with no distortion, recommend these for first time sub buyers


  • i am running 2 of these hard hitting w1 in a toyota 4runner. its powered by a 600 watt rocksford amp an these are one of the hards loudess 10 i have ever heard. it hitting close to 156db these subs r great.


  • I have 2 in my silverado ext. cab from a fosgate p4002 these things are loud.. whoever says they are just quality arent runnnin the right amp. They shook of my rearview mirror and i give them a 10.


  • I am running three 10" in a JL powerwedge and they are the loudest, hardest hitting subs I have ever owned. I am running them off of an alpine amp. I have owned W6's W3's Boston Acoustic G5 and these are by far the best overall sub in terms of sound quality, accuracy and for being 10" subs they do a great job with the low notes, and are great for all types of music. I chose them out of vehicle fit and the JL made boxes are the best in my opinion.


  • i just got 2 of these and hooked them up to a 650 watt mtx amp and they shove. they are way louder than alpines and audiobahns. i would recommend them to anybody.


  • i had two of these in a jl ported box in my s10 and these things are worth every penny. i had them for about a year before i upgraded to the new w3v3's. if you dont want really good bass for a really good price then this is your sub.


  • I have six of these in my 05 F-150 on a TMA1000 watt amp and they pound. I also have a pioneer premier head unit witch cleaned the sound up alot. Best sounding bass I have ever heard. Super clear. 10 out of 10. Iwould definetly buy them again.


  • i got 2 in a jl box with a alpine 350 watt amp and these are the loudest 10" subs ive ever heard. Great sound great bass what more could you ask for? I am buying 2 more thought to have 4 because 2 is loud but i want to be that guy 30 cars up that you can still hear lol.

    Steven Wietecha

  • my wife wanted 2 of these w1s in her car and at first I thought they were kinda exspensive for my taste, but after I heard them, best 10's in my book. I bought 2 more for my toyota tacoma and a jl500 mono amp.


  • i have 4 of theese in my suv and i have a crappy amp and it still hits harder than all of my other friends and i have been way louder that 3 12's. i would for sure recommend theese. soon i will be buying a 100/1 jl amp


  • I just put 2 of these in my single cab colorado in a sealed box at 0.6cu' per chamber and powereing them with an Alpine V-Power M500 at the max load recomended by JL of 250watts rms each at a 2ohm load and man these things Hit hard!!! I have never owned JL woofers or any of there products and after seeing and hearing the quality of there stuff, thats all I will buy. I used to be a pioneer guy and thought JL was all hipe and overpriced. If you haven't heard this befor "you get what you pay for"

    Jeremy Evans

  • I have 2 in truck boxes in a standard cab sierra powered by a jl 500/1 amp. They don't miss a beat and the louder I turn up my music, the better they sound. My only complaint is that the bass doesn't sound as 'deep' as I'd like it to on low notes, but this may be due to the truck boxes. Either way, amazing subs for an amazing price.


  • i have one of these in a s-10 regular cab and hooked up to a lanzar heritage 600 watt 4 channel amp bridged at 300 watt and this things hits hard i dont even have the amp turned up all the way its about half...this sub is perfect for small cab trucks deff geting another or probs even 3 more


  • great sounding subs! have two in my Chevy Silverado, crew cab(behind the seat) for the money you can't beat them. nice deep sounding bass when done right!

    Barry Reed

  • I have an 08 Ford Super crew with 2 of these subs intergrated with a kicker 700.5 which gives each one 210 watts they hit really hard. I have them in a sealed down fire Subthump box .64 per sub they Play tech master peb rock rap and latin hip hop without missing a beat at max volume. Follow Jl audio's recomendation for power and box. You cannot go wrong. They flex the roof on my truck


  • i was into kicker since the early 90's but let me tell you this jlw1v2 are realy great if you're into sound quality have 2 of this in a sealed box in my regular cab chevy silverado had the kicker cvt shallow subs and a kicker L7 in a special truck enclosure but they ware just lound lots of bass but sound quality is not good the jlaudio deliver good bass and sound quality if you're looking for good sound get this if you want loudness go with kicker kids now days want loudness but if you're old school and want sound quality jlaudio is the way to go


  • I just bought 2 of these subs in my jeep wrangler. i have them hooked up to a 1000 watt kenwood amp. They hit pretty hard and the sound quality is unbelievable, I will be a JL guy for life.


  • I have two of these in my single cab s10 and i couldn't believe the punch they pack. they hit all the notes and hit them hard. i highly recommend JL audio. i would go bigger but i dont have room. also, the manual inside the box says they are rated at 300W RMS, not 150.


  • Shocker... I had the Kicker CVT shallow mount for about a month before it literaly tore from itself. so it rattled and it was a dud. I was only pushing about 200 rms in a ground shaker box under my seat of my F150. Have had it 3 months ... just installed this JL Audio and what a difference in quality. This sub has much more bass repsonse. The rubber is softer than the kicker and moves better. It goes louder on my radio now. It SICK!.. my mirror actually starts to rattle.. I have only had it for a few hours and it made the kicker look awful...JL easily won me over and this isn't even their top sub.. A second one is coming into play now...


  • I have two of these in a sealed downfiring box under the backseat of my 2007 f150 extended cab powered by a JL Audio jx500.1d amp and they hit way harder than I expected. They hit harder than my friend's two Fusion 12s with a 1500 watt amp. Would highly recommend to anyone.


  • Swapped out my 2 subs(not JL Audio) because even though they sounded good and were the same price and specs as the JL's, they were lacking something. Using the exact amp settings as before, I put in the two JL 10W1v3-4. I didn't even turn the volume up on the radio and I couldn't see out of my rearview mirror. Every unsecure item inside my Crewmax began to dance and rattle. I don't want to rattle as I roll down the road but I was missing that tight clean thump that you can feel and that feeling is back. I don't care which subs you decide to purchase but my 2 cents is that you simply can't beat these for the price.


  • I got these for a jeep cause I wanted them to be efficient so i could run a small amp that I could hide under the seat. They sounded so good I got another pair and amp for my truck.


  • Awesome sub! Great sound quality and it can hit surprisingly low frequencies for just a 10". Would highly recommend this sub for low to moderate powered systems. Excellent sound quality!


  • I must say the price is very reasonable. The sound is extremely clean. I made the right decision. 

    Benjamin Hines

  • Maaaannn! I have always been a fan of JL Audio speakers and have been eyeing this subwoofer for a long time! Glad that I got a hold of it at the right time it really sounded good and lows are what I have been looking for. It really amazes me, and for the price that I paid for it haha what a steal

    Khalil Smith

  • Done installing one on my Tacoma with a sealed box and boy do it sound good. It might be marketed as an entry level, it can match many high end subs on the market!


  • With JL's 500-watt mono on my system, this sub totally lives up to the hype. Being a massive hip-hop fan, you know I'm all about that bass, and this sub serves it up just right. Haven't found any 10-inch that can touch this one. Seriously thinking of grabbing another.

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