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JL Audio 10W3v3-4

Item #17145
W3v3 Series 10" 500W RMS (1000W Peak Power Handling) 4 Ohms Mono Voice Coil Subwoofer

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Product Reviews For JL Audio 10W3v3-4

  • These subs are a huge improvment over the w3v2's which were good to begin with. I have an 00 bmw 328i and i have 2 of these in a custom enclosure with a 500/1 special edition black jl amp. They pound like hell. These subs hit all the highs and lows and everything in between. Great choice if your lookin for a small box. Worth teh money by far.


  • Just got 2 of these installed with a 500/1 JL amp in my 05 gmc sierra extended cab. Quality is amazing and it can push out insane amounts of bass. I've compared so many different brands and JL defeats them all. If you got the money, buy these! They are definately worth it.


  • JL makes the best woofers on the market. Someone convinced me at one time Diamond Audio was better than JL, so I went with Diamond's D3 10" Subs and was dissapointed. One the outside they look identical, but all they do is move air while lacking sound quality. My old 100 watt JL W0's sounded better than these "400 watt RMS" D3's. Getting rid of the D3's and coming back to JL. Got a better brand woofer? let's hear it. JL for life


  • To all those who try to bad mouth JL and say you are paying for the name... they may be a little pricey but its worth it, they got the name somehow. Anyway I just got ONE of these today in my 02 Lincoln LS and it sounds so clean, gets pretty loud too. I was suprised w/the JL A1200 amp pushing it, about 2/3 the recommended power. The place I got it was out of the 250/1 so they let me use that for now. This sub is very smooth, great sounding bass, amazing for the money! I already had someone think it was 2 12s! I said "2 12s"? He said "what, is it a 15"? Haha... then I showed him and he couldnt believe it. I cant wait to see what it will do w/the 250/1 pushing it. Thanks JL!


  • ive got a '07 colorado extreme with one 10inch w3, with a Alpine PDX-1.600 600rms amp. the 10inch barely does work. not lying. i had 2 12inch w1's in a chevy s10 ext cab with a kenwood 920. and the 920 was about 10 times louder. the sound qualitys alright, coming from jl but i cant believe the quality from the w1's are better than this w3... kinda disappointed...


  • these are THE BEST woofers that you can buy for around this price. sound quality is amazing and it can really thump when you want it. best part is it only needs 300 watts rms so you won't have to buy a big amp to power it. i got 2 of these in my chevy truck in a ported box powered by a 600 watt amp and it bangs. if you want a quality sub that's going to hit all the highs and lows and everything in between jl is the way to go


  • I had a pair of 10w3v2 and banged em everyday,they lasted bout 7yrs till one gave out,now i got these and they hit with the clarity of how good bass should sound ,where you can feel it but don't know where its coming from..setting off alarms with ease and having everybody in denial that these are just a pair of 10's doing all that damage,,JL Audio!


  • I've got two of these babies w/ a T500.1 Total Mobile Audio Mono amp, in a ported box,in my 2000 maxima. It has a really clear sound and every time it hits it is pure. VERY nice sub at a great price, you will not find it any cheaper take advantage of this offer! TMA amps are a really nice product too. If u want a product that isnt very different than the 500/1 and dont have the money to pay for it then you should get a TMA amp. It a JL product neways. JL is the BEST bottom line!


  • I just replaced a pair of 8 year old Ground Zero EL 10's with two of these, even before the break-in period is over with a TMA 1000.1 running 2 ohms I can tell they hit great. Can't wait till next weekend when I can crank 'em up real good and make my wife jelouse... just got done putting a JL 8 inch 4 ohm dvc w3 in her caravan, mine are in an old '88 Suburban... haha, lots of room for me to expand with out giving up space for our 4 children.

    mud runner

  • i do a lot of coustom installs and decided to use one of these for my bronco ina med. powered sq system and it delivered. i have it in a small sealed box with a ppi a600.2 art amp.


  • This is an update, have these in a vented enclosure in my suburban with a TMA 1000.1, have been able to hit 140 dB with these bad boys. will be getting a new box however to house three as I add one more driver to the equation...

    mud runner

  • I Love these subs... and i stand corrected on the shipment... they helped me through it and got me the subs quickly... thank you OCS


  • I have two of these in a slot ported box in my 08 chevy tahoe on a 500/1 amp. I'm not that impressed by these subs, they have a decent punch, but they can't produce that much quake. The amp however, pushes like a bat out of hell. My ideal JL setup would be 2 13" W6v2 on a 1000/1 amp, but i'm not stupid enough to spend that kind of money when i can spend half as much and get a better system with MTX.


  • This sub is insane. I have one of these in a sealed box with a kenwood 1000 watt amp in a gmc sonoma. I was hesitant before i only bought one, but you only need one. Hits hard but is easily breakable.


  • I have a pair of these phenomenal drivers in a slot-ported enclosure being powered by a Rockford Fosgate T500-1bd amp in my 07 Scion tc. These bad boys can wake up the dead! I love the 10w3v3! The bass is so deep, clean, and clear. The gain on the amp is only 50% of its max, and the sub control on the double-din head unit is only on 4. It's enough to pump your heart right out of your chest, and not to mention, go hearing impaired. If you want some hard-hitting, deep, clear, and clean bass, JL is the way to go. Thanks JL Audio!


  • I had one of these in a sealed box pushed by a rockford punch 550/2 bridged in a 99 camaro. First of all, it takes a lot more power to get volume out of a sealed box, but you get way better accuracy and quality. That being said, people still would guess that I had 2 12's in the back. This sub lasted me a couple years of abusing the crap out of it. I listen to mostly metal so a lot of very quick double bass pedal hits and this baby would keep up. This is not a comp sub, but if you want bang on a budget you need to get you one or two.


  • I use to have two 10w1v2-4 they were nice, but then i found a box that would house 2 10w3v3-4. The w1 was running a kicker amp with 220 watts a side. When i went to the 10w3v3-4. What a big difference they are powered by jx 1000 500 to each side. w1's i could stand sitting in the truck the w3's i have to turn them down. people think i am running 2 12's or 1 15 some say 2 15's whatever. these are the real deal i have them in a .625 sealed fox box not sure of the spl's, but it sure does sound like a car i had that hit 133 spl's

    Mark hanson

  • Bought this sub and connected it to an Alpine 500 Watt (300 Watt RMS @ 4 ohms) Mono Class D and it sounds amazing. Have it in a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab under the passenger seat in a pre-fab box I bought on Ebay and it's loud! Worth the money!!


  • This 10-inch sub from JL audio is a match made from heaven with the amp currently installed in my vehicle. I immediately felt the lows right after i installed it. been running it for a year and no issues here

    Rylan Foster

  • Its been a year since I purchased a set of C2-650x, and I really loved it which is why I immediately looked for a JL sub when I was started looking for one. Truly a great subwoofer! nice punchy lows, and can surely go loud too.

    Dan Brown

  • This 10" sub is the real deal! Gets low and packs a punch. Totally worth the extra bucks. Paired it with my 500-watt JL mono amp, and man, there's nothing bad to say about how it performs.

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