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Rockford Fosgate T400-4

Item #17752
Power Series 4-Channels 400W Max Power Class A/B Compact Car Amplifier

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Product Reviews For Rockford Fosgate T400-4

  • Rockford made amazing amp.running this with my rainbow slx265 deluxe .small size ,clean ,powerful amp.


  • Had a Hifonics ZXi 6406 pushing my 6x9s before I got this. First of all, the Rockford barely gets room temp where the Hifonics would go into Thermal Protection. A tad pricey, but that's the cost of quality. Like all Power Series Rockfords, you buy it for the quality, the power and for life!


  • I have one of these powering the rockford T1 components in my front doors and the T1 coaxials in the rear. Amp never overheats and I live in Florida where the summers easily get to 90 degrees. Would recommend this product to anyone.


  • sounds good never overheats ,had them on my focal polyglass 6.5s 1 pair comp 1 pair coax.. the only thing that i guess is why its not perfect is that i noticed allot of "fuzzyness" whn no music is played,so ofcourse it still does it while theres music.. i noticed that this amp has like 1% thd (total harmonic distortion) and i am no genious but i try to educate myself as far as possible , i believe that the 1%thd is kid of allot considering that other amps may have as little as .05% , thats way less . I had an alpine pdx 1000.1 on my alpine type x 12, and it woulod overheat fast m it had a low sensitivity ,it wasnt efficient at all and always overheated. while my sub and amp would crap out, my mids stayed bumping loud and clear ALLLL day long ,hgours and hours and hours full blast .. this amp wont crap out. if i could find a amp just as good without the high thd i would go witht that,but the rockford is also really good.

    danny boy

  • this amp kicks a**!!! for the price and size of the amp u cannot beat it!!! great sound and punchy midbass. have it runnin 6.5 comps in front and bridged on midbass woofer in back. have used rear outputs for 12in sub too. sounded great that way too. nice clean power !!!!!!!!


  • I got this amp hooked up to 2 alpines type R's 100watts RMS, for the front door of my 98 civic and 2 6X9 O2's power for the rear deck, and the gain on it is at 4, and my friends can hear my voices from 2 blocks down my house. Best amp I've ever owned, I will recomend this amp to any body wants to hook up a good stereo system. From: Ansonia CT, baby

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