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JL Audio 12W3v3-2

Item #18822
W3v3 Series 12" 500W RMS (1000W Peak Power Handling) Single 2 Ohms Voice Coil Subwoofer

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Product Reviews For JL Audio 12W3v3-2

  • i got two of these at 1 ohm with a hifonic brutus 1606 and it pounds and im still breakin them in. ive had every sub from sony,rockford,kicker,poweracoustik you name it these hit way harder


  • great sub. this is the first sub i've ever owned so my opinion is really an un-educated one. i only turn the sub up half way or else i think i'll fly to the moon. however, i've heard other systems before and this thing bangs hard and sounds great. i just have 1 in a sealed enclosure hooked up to a kenwood 1000 watt Mono D amp. i'm sure a JL amp would produce some better quality but this thing holds its own. the technician at my audio shop said i had one of the better sounding systems he's heard. i have kappas all around, doors and back and an alpine 9884 in my 02' alero.


  • Ive had many subs and had JL Audio in most my cars cant beat these subs. Im running two of these 12 inch W3s in a 2006 Chevy crew cab pick up and they knock hard as hell. Im running the JL Audio 1000/1 mono block amp at 4 ohms to keep my amp cooler. Im pushing them in a sealed box cause I got little room to work with.Everyone I talked to wanted me to run 10 inch subs but they dont hit bass notes like twelves do. I did have to modify my seat a little but not much I had it moved foward 2 inches just to give me plenty of room but thats when I was running two 10 inch JL Audio W3s in a ported box with a JL Audio 500/1.The tens sounded good but lacked a little power but everyone thought I had twelves but then again it was a ported box. As for the W3s they are actually rated for 500 RMS a sub and thats 10 inch or 12 inch not 300 RMS. I suggest you do your research and look at JL Audios website they give the right RMS at least thats how I found out what they can handle and go from there JL Audio customer for life.


  • Hands down the best 12in sub for the money and no to mention the power. I have 3 of the 12w3v3 2 ohm and people dont ride in my car it hurts em that bad. Power em with the new slash 1000/1 and you got a mean set up

    thomas bradley

  • I have 4 0f these in the back of my 96 cadillac with 2 500/1 JL amps,hands down the best system ive ever owned.


  • I have 4 of these subs in the back of my 96 cadi,with 2 JL 500/1 amps, hands down the best system ive ever had,use to be a kicker fan, now im converted hope to step up to the W7's soon.


  • K i just updated my trunk with 2 more 12w3s for a total of 4 hooked up too the 1000/1v2 i am bangin down the street these are the subs for the price


  • Absolutely amazing!!! My best friend has 2 of these with only 400 watts goin to each and they pound!!! He has to roll his windows down or they will shatter. Amazing Woofers!!


  • i have two of these in my trunk and it is nasty, you can feel em commin, i got em hooked up at my local sound shop and they did it right, it gives you a head ache if you bump em to loud, my one buddy said "the back seat feels like a massage chair" if your lookin for a clean hittin sub at a good price, you found it


  • I Have two of these with a tma t500 running each i get pulled over all the time for loud stero

    Bumbing Brad

  • I have two of these in my Tahoe running on an alpine mrp 1000/1 mono ch amp......sounds simply amazing


  • I got 3 of these in my nissan maxima and man do they shake my car up! These subs are a great buy! Gonna upgrade to w7s soon tho

    Chitown Kid

  • I have 3 of these in a 2003 Mustang and I've yet to hear any Mustang this loud. I have it set up with a Brutus 1600 at 1.3ohms. I guaratee you would be absolutely satisfied with this product!!!


  • I bought this sub for my sound quality system that I'm building. The sub is high quality and sounds amazing. My first impression is that it works well in a sealed box and is a great sub for rock. It really hits the kick drums hard. I have this sub on my Alpine MRP500 amp and it makes it bump very good. Great high quality , good sounding sub for the price.


  • I have 2 of these in my accord 6speed coupe with a jl 500/1 amp the amp is not half way powered and these things slamm deep clean bass my roof and window flex im getting one more


  • I have 2 of these in a ported box in my Lincoln Town Car powered by a Hifonics 1800watt Zeus. Lets just say the first song I played, my rear view mirror fell off the first 5 seconds of the song. These subs are a must have if you want loud, crisp clean bass. JL Audio is the best forget what you heard otherwise.


  • I am running two of these subs in a sealed enclosure with a Rockford 1000 watt mono amp. The sound level can be violent at times. The recommend sealed enclosure is 1.25 cubic feet per sub. I would recommend a 1.75 to 2.0 cubic foot box, it would help with the lower frequency response and keep the 60 hertz frequency from being so violent. Overall very happy with the subs, I would buy these again.

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