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JL Audio HD600/4

Item #20860
HD Series 150Wx 4 RMS @1.5-4Ohms, 600W Max Power Class D 4-Channel Full-Range Car Amplifier

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Product Reviews For JL Audio HD600/4

  • Got this one in my 2007 Tahoe paired with the JL C-5 components tuned at 80 hz and they absolutely SCREAM!!! Can't wait to add the JL 12w7 HO and the JL HD750/1. Orion, MTX, Kicker, etc are all great. I've had and heard them all, but I personally prefer JL Audio, and this time I had the money to make it happen!!


  • Well I upgraded from a alpine mrp f600 which i only had for two months. I decided to upgrade after i herd my friends jl audio 450/4. An I was amazed. So i tried to look for something a little better , and i came across this. It's a nice amp . I herd things i never herd from the alpine, or the 450. BUT it doesnt have the deep bass out of it like my other amps hadneless its a great amp if you are willing to dish out the dough


  • I must say this amp sounds great i have it off 6 1/2 polk sr in front and in the back. i switched from a 300/4 v/2 amp. i must say what a difference the music is a lot more clear and the power you can run to your speakers is crazy. you really get cleaner power with this amp. if you are on the fence about this amp dont be its worth every penny in my book and been into car audio 11 years now.


  • I had a JL Slash 300/4 V2 running my mids and highs. I've directly swapped the Slash for this HD600/4 and Oooohhh it sounds so good! I believe the damping factor with the HD line adds to speaker control which refines the sound quality. Even though this amp is 150w per channel and the slash 300/4 is only 75, the difference in loudness is not overpowering but noticable. You'd think that more watts going to a 75w speaker would make it distort more but it doesn't. It provides a clean controled sound at upper volume levels. The sound quality is amazing....WOW! To top it off, this amp runs cooler and draws less from the battery. I'm running a 40A master fuse at the battery with this 600/4 and a Slash 500/1V2 and have not blown a fuse yet. Class D all the way!


  • Love jl, this amp is powering 2 pair of the focal K2 power components and sounds great. Jl may b a lil more but worth every penny


  • The JL HD 600/4 is a small yet powerful amp. The JL HD 600/4 shows off its versatility by connecting to all available interior speakers, and also allowing for the power output to and from the front to the rear. JL is a great brand that exemplifies durability and a powerful performance!


  • Best of the Best!

    Blake Hayes

  • working the way it was built every since I bought it( since forever) doesn't require much maintenance to keep clean

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