Pyle PL1290BL

Item #: 24415

12'' 1200 Watt DVC Subwoofer
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eric beauchain - santa rosa ca.
10/08/2013 12:06 AM


i bought two of these subs for 88 took about 8 days to get here but shipping was free....anyways....i wired 1 in paralell for a 2 ohm load and installed it in a ported 12" enclosure and powered it with a J&L audio 500 watt rms monoblock class d amplifier, dialed the amp to about 3/4 of its total power output and let the kid take the car to jack in the box.....when he came back the speaker was blown all to reeked of burnt voice coils and sure enuff the voice coils showed no continuity on my fluke dvom.....he said he never turned it up past 1/2 volume and it lasted about 10 minutes he said....i believe him and think the amp is at fault due to the fsct that more than 1 speaker was blown up the same way using that amp...i installed the remaining sub into my saturn sedan with a 700 rms planet audio mono block sub amp at also 2 ohm load and have it dialed to a little more than 3/4 on the gain control on amp and the speaker is performing poor saturn rattles so bad on the outside that i think it going to fall apart....but it sound super badass on the has more power than i actually need for my own personal taste...but its nice to have the potential for more if i want it....overall i still have to rate these speakers at least a 8 onna 10 scale.....i have really cranked it up ALOT and speaker has shown no signs of failure at all....i am fairly impressed and completely happy with what i o and the combonation really thumps HARD like a much higher dollar system...i recommend these speakers to anyone who is on a budget and wants bass that u can REALLY the way i only listen to modern day heavy progtressive rock and i think it it perfect for my taste in music.......

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